10 Day Savings Challenge

At the start of July, we launched the 10 Day Savings Challenge! You guys LOVED taking part in the challenge and I was blown away seeing your results.

However, I know a lot of you couldn’t start or take part in that time. Especially with school holidays – oh, what was I thinking!

So I have posted the full challenge here, complete with tips and resources for you to fulfil the tasks!

Tick off your list day by day, do it at your own pace and use it as a general ongoing guide to help reach your savings goals!!

I’ve popped a printable copy, or simply screenshot and keep it in your phone. And feel free to share on your Instagram stories or in the group of your completed tasks! And tag us at @houseofwhite_

Day 1: Set Up a Monthly Budget

This is your starter for the challenge. By doing this you will see where your problem areas are and where you can make the best changes and biggest savings.

I have an entire post here where you can download my free budgeting template. This will automatically calculate all income and spend for you.

You can use this each month to track spending or just as a once-off to see where you are spending the most and where to attention most.

There are also tones of handy tips and tricks for using the budget and where best to get all your information from.

Click here for more.

Day 2: Contact Your Providers And Negotiate A Better Deal

At the start of this new financial year, there was a lot happening around banking laws and regulations! Take advantage and make sure you are getting the best deals and offers!!

Check out your interest rates, fees being charged, packages offered and don’t be afraid to ask the questions!! You are the customer!!

It could be as simple as upgrading and updating your plan or contract with your current provider.

Having access to your bills, accounts, statements and contracts will make this all a lot easier and help you follow through with switching if that’s the route you take!!

Stay vigilant and constantly assessing all your accounts! These companies rely on you becoming complacent, and overtime as new deals come in, offers end and rates change, and you end up losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars!!

Day 3: Invest In A Reusable Item

This step is designed to not just save you money but also save our planet.

Not only will you save money over time, but you will help save the planet from single-use products.

I have shared my top reusable products in a post here. As well as shared some pretty epic savings by using these products!

Day 4: Download A Fuel Price Tracking App

I have been using Fuel Map Australia but have seen a few around!

Some places were 30c a litre different just for the convenience of the highway stations!!

Maybe try a few others and see which is more accurate in your area!! Over the space of a few weeks, you could be seeing huge savings by switching!

Day 5: Unsubscribe from 10 newsletters from retailers

If you want to reduce the 1000s of ways we are advertised to every day, these newsletters being a big one!!

I’m a sucker for impulse buying and I have found “out of sight, out of mind” is sometimes the best way!! If I don’t know it’s on sale then I don’t need it right?

I have used Unroll.Me for several years. It’s the cheats way to just bulk resolve the issue.

BUT, it is not a permanent solution, and all it does is move the emails to a hidden folder. It does not actually remove you from any lists.

I have recently just started doing this the old fashioned way and hitting “unsubscribe” as these emails come in!!

Day 6: Check & cancel unnecessary subscriptions, direct debits & apps

Going back to Day 1 where we downloaded all our statements for the last three months, all those highlighted month debits and subscriptions you don’t want or need, let’s get them sorted!!

If you use an iPhone, go to “Settings” and tap your name > iTunes & App Store > your Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions. You will need your password for Apple when you get to “View Apple ID”.

From there, tap on “Subscriptions”, look at your active, and cancel accordingly!!

Also, check your authorised payments on PayPal. Login to your account, go to “Settings” and select “Payments” from the top menu, followed by “Manage Automatic Payments”.

Here you will find a list of people you have authorised to take automatic payments. EXAMPLE BELOW!!!

Finally, for all others, you can log in into your accounts directly and cancel subscriptions. Some try and make it super tricky to find the right avenues to cancel, these are usually the worst ones taking money for NOTHING!!

Things to look for: Music Subscriptions, Cloud Storage, Food Boxes, App & Games, Expired Trials, Gym Memberships…

Go through your previous month’s statements and check your phones!!
Make sure all your direct debits are in order and no one is taking money for NOTHING!!

Day 7: Sign up to a points or rewards program

All of these are basically money for nothing, and a great way to subsidise travel or earn gift cards and vouchers for future purchases!

You all know I am a big lover of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program and have been able to heavily subsidise the cost of flying and get business upgrades just from the points we earn daily!

Save yourself $99 and click the link below to sign up. While you’re at it, join the kids up so they can earn points whenever you fly AND get a FREE Joey Club pack!

Click here to join Qantas Frequent Flyer of free.

Don’t just stop at one though, join them all!! Flybys, Velocity, MyerOne, ShopBack etc

You never know when you shop somewhere you can earn points! I love my Qantas points but I can only earn Flybys at Kmart.

Here is a quick list to get you started:

  • Myer One: Myer Stores, Caltex, IGA, Hertz, Air NZ, Wilsons Parking (great if you work in the CBD)
  • Velocity: In partnership with Flybys @ Coles, BP, Virgin Mobile, Credit Cards, Bupa Health and more…
  • FlyBys: Coles, Kmart, Target, NAB Card, FitBit, AGL and more…
  • Qantas: Flights, Hotels, Woolworths, Credit Cards, Snap Fitness, Insurance and more…
  • Priceline: You can also earn 4 Qantas Points per 1$ spent when shopping online.
  • ShopBack: Use it to get cashback on everyday purchases including your Woolworths shopping!!

Do not forget to download all the corresponding apps to your phone as well and always have your card handy!

Day 8 – Plant a herb/veggie garden

Growing your own produce has heaps of perks I feel. Not just saving a few dollars

It’s great for the environment, its a fun family activity and there is no greater satisfaction than eating something you grew. Not to mention Doomsday prepping!!

We have a lemon tree and home that I use DAILY!! Lemons are expensive!! We also grow a lot of herbs which I find are super wasteful when you buy large bunches at the supermarket – but this way you use only what you need!

Who already has a little garden going on? What do you want to plant?

Day 9 – Declutter and organise your house

This is all about auditing what you already have in your home. Considering your past and future purchases.

I find there is a big link between how my physical surroundings are and my mental state.

If the house is unorganised and cluttered, this is reflected in my mind. I cannot think straight and I make impulse decisions, especially around purchases.

How many times have you just gotten takeaway because it all just seemed too much on that day?

How many of us have bought something because we couldn’t find the same thing we knew we had but couldn’t find it at the time?!

How many of us have bought clothes, even with a wardrobe full, thinking we have nothing to wear?!

I have written an article below, which includes a step by step guide and list to decluttering your home. It has a handy list of questions to ask when sorting through your home!!


Day 10 –  Pop up 3 items for sale on a marketplace site

Or any marketplace sire for that mater. But Facebook Marketplace is my go-to for beginners and a quick and easy sell!!

I have been selling online for over a decade, making a full-time job from it at one stage.

I’ve used all the platforms, but Facebook Marketplace has become my favourite for a few reasons!! (CHECK OUT THIS BLOG)

After your decluttering task, I’m sure you’ve got a few things you’d like to move on and I’ve put together details HOW TO guide with steps to take to make sure your item sells!!

I’ve also given some handy hints to overcome those annoying things and experiences that put you off selling.

I guarantee this is FOOLPROOF!!

So get those items together you want to sell. Get snapping, get posting and make some moula!!

As mentioned in the article, I suggest looking for and joining your local Buy, Swap & Sell pages as well to maximise your chances of selling!



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