Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

As the end of year fast approaches, and the list of ‘to-do’ is running a mile long! I thought I’d share three cute little Christmas Gifts ideas for both teachers and school friends that are quick, easy and affordable, but most important – SUPER CUTE!!

Candy Cane Christmas Brownies

The perfect little end of year break-up party treat! These will be an absolute hit with the kids (and teachers too no doubt).

You can make your own Brownies with the Woolworths Chocolate Brownie Tray Bake Kit, or if your time poor like me, just grab the Woolworths Chocolate Caramel Brownie (so yum).

Grab a packet of Woolworths Christmas Candy Canes and use scissors to cut the hook off. Then simply pop them into the bottom of the brownie. Be careful as they can crumple – we popped ours in the fridge before inserting them!

Iced Fruit Cake

If you’re after a cute idea for teachers that the kids can easily make themselves, then grab yourself a box of the delicious Woolworths Pre-Sliced Iced Fruit Cake and some Cello Wrapping Paper.

Super easy, and works out to less than a dollar per serve.

HINT: These also make for a great gift idea for your guests on the table on Christmas Day.

Little Rum Ball Bags

If fruit cake isn’t your thing, then another great idea is the Woolworths Chocolate Rum Balls (Or White Choc).

Super easy for the kids to make and who doesn’t like Rum Balls 😀 Grab some of these little gift bags from Woolies for just $1.


This blog is a sponsored post written in partnership with Woolworths. However all thoughts, opinions and writing is our own.

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