3 Tips For Amazing Blonde Hair

3 Tips For Amazing Blonde Hair

So I’m not one for beauty regimes really, I really should be considering my skin isn’t that great! But one thing I have always been across 110% is keeping my blonde hair looking fab and feeling as soft as ever!

Since I was young I’ve always had highlights in my hair. I had a few stints of brown (never lasts long) and one stint of red (never again) but blonde is absolutely my thing! My mum used to own a hairdressing salon, she wasn’t a hairdresser herself, but she certainly learned a few things in her time and saved me from the awkward ‘yellow’ bleached look a lot of girls rocked in high-school.

Overtime, my hair has changed – especially having kids and hormonal changes saw my hair go darker and its texture change. So it’s good to have someone who knows what they’re doing so they can tweak it for it! A good hairdresser is the first key to good hair, especially blonde, as you can ruin someones hair so easy! So together with my gorgeous hairdresser, Jacinta, I wanted to share my top 3 products for perfecting your blonde!

Redken Shade EQ 9V Platinum Ice

Everyone always asks what my color is, but of course every person likes their blonde different. I love it to be as ashy/white as possible. So Cint uses this Redken color. I’ve used other brands and they didn’t grab as well to my hair, so this is my top pick if that’s the look you are after!

Matrix Total Results Brass-Off Shampoo

I’ve used a lot of blonde shampoos and look most of them are great and gonna do the job. But like I mentioned my hair has changed a lot in recent years and I found that my blonde was going a tad more brassy than I’d like so I started using this and it’s been great for keeping that white look between colors. I leave it in for up to 5-10 minutes and even let some purple grab but it dulls down after a few washes.

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment

I use this every-time I wash my hair and before applying any heat. I also use it on the girls hair!! It makes my hair super smooth and silky, reduces fly-away and protects against heat damage. I actually got it in a gift bag, so it wasn’t even an intentional purchase and it’s lasted me about a year so far.


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