5-Minute Princess Castle Cake Hack

5-Minute Princess Castle Cake Hack

I’ve never been a good baker, but I absolutely love eating cake and getting creative!! So for the girls birthdays, I always love hacking a good old Woolies cake (or two) to make something to go with their theme.

This year, Teddy was having a Sugar Rush party (from the movie Wreck-It Ralph) and I wanted to make something that resembled Vanellope’s, Princess Castle.

A quick google of Princess Castle cakes and oh my gosh, there were some EPIC results that looked way out of my budget and skill level. But after hours of scrolling, I did get a few ideas on how I could simply put something easy and affordable together with just a few supplies from Woolies.

I used the Woolworths Marble Block Cake, as it already had pink frosting on top, and the Woolworths Red Velvet Cake both from the bakery section. There are heaps of other colours and flavours in both these style cakes to suit your need/tastes.

Now for anyone who followed along through my stories, the first cake actually didn’t survive. Not because I stuffed it up, but because once I finished it, I tried to move it. But it did mean I was a little better the second time around making it.

One thing I would highly suggest (that my lovely followers told me to do) was to freeze the cakes a little before frosting them. After freezing the cakes, there were fewer crumbs falling off as I applied the frosting.

I used the Betty Crocker Strawberry Frosting and about one and a half tubs is the right amount for these two sized cakes.

Once it was all frosted nice, I popped the Essentials Ice Cream Cone Cups around the sides to start the towers. I also cut one cone halfway up the base to use as the middle tower.

Then I used some of the leftover frosting and pipped it into the top of the cones to act as a glue for the waffle cones. You could also melt some white chocolate to do the same thing.

I then popped the Woolworths Select Mini Waffle Ice Cream Cones on top of each ice cream cup to make the rest of the towers.

From here, it’s really just a free for all on how you’d like to decorate. I used Sshmallows White Mini Marshmallows and Dr Oetker Rose Icing Decorations. But you could do whatever you liked really, and I had some awesome screenshots of other peoples hacks after seeing ours with Disney Princesses and sprinkled towers etc…



  1. Pop both of the cakes in the freezer for half an hour.
  2. Place the Marble Block Cake on a cake stand (to be used as the base of the cake) and then place the round Red Velvet Cake in the centre of the marble block cake. Leave the cardboard on the base of the red velvet cake for stability (you can remove this once you cut the cake).
  3. Cover the entire two cakes with the Betty Crocker frosting. You can choose any colour icing you like for this part.
  4. Place four Ice Cream Cone Cups in each corner of the block cake. Then, place one ice cream cup in the centre of the red velvet cake.
  5. Use the leftover frosting and pop it in a glad lock bag and cut the tip, use this to pipe the frosting around the outside of the cups to act as a glue for the next part.
  6. Place the waffle cones upside down in the ice cream cups to complete the towers.
  7. Place decorations around the base of the red velvet cake – I used pink and white flower icing decorations.
  8. Put any more desired decorations on the cake. I used pink musk sticks at the base of the cake. I also placed the mini marshmallows around the top parameter of the red velvet cake.
Check out just how easy it is to make…

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