5 Simple Savings Hacks Around The Home

5 Simple Savings Hacks Around The Home

This blog has been a sponsored collaboration with EnergyAustralia

As a young family, I’m always very conscious of what our household costs are and how and where we can save money – mostly so we can afford to go on holidays 😉. As we have two young girls, a house and barely a full income to support us, I am super mindful of where our money goes. I would much prefer to spend on fun experiences, good food and cute matching dresses or save money to go towards our girl’s educations or our next holiday.

But the reality is, life is expensive!

Before you’ve even woken up for the day, your household costs start ticking over but without these basic utilities my wi-fi wouldn’t work and I couldn’t post to Instagram – DISASTER!! So, the bills need to be paid.

But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be smart about it and try and save where you can. I have teamed up with EnergyAustralia to develop some little household saving tips. While this might sound boring, a little bit of effort can go a long way and get you on that beach in Bali quicker than you think.

It’s all about lighting!

As someone who is constantly taking photos, I can tell you how important natural light is. And through our renovations at home we’ve made sure our house has a tonne of light coming in! This also means less money on having lights turned on – another great way to save on your power bill as well as take gorgeous photos.

Do what a girl does best! SHOPPING!!

Wait isn’t this the opposite of saving?! Nope you heard me right, shopping around for the best deal on your household utilities is a quick and easy way to save money, and potentially a lot of it! I know at first this can sound like a boring and mundane thing to do, who wants to read mile long terms and conditions or pricing. But, we recently did this in our house and found it was super easy and we would end up potentially savings hundreds.

With electricity and gas prices taking a huge leap over the coming months, EnergyAustralia is launching Super Saver whereby their customers can lock-in electricity and gas rates for the next two years. It is like hitting the pause button on some of the cost-of-living pressures Australian families face. You can learn more about this product, as well as availability in your area here.

Be picky on who you bring home!

So, something I learnt recently was to really pay attention when buying new appliances. We recently bought a new washing machine and while the salesperson tried to sell us one thing, trying to convince us it was the best, with a little calculation we worked out that this model was not great on water or electricity versus the cost of the machine. Therefore we would have paid more in electricity AND paid for the machine!

It’s also worthwhile seeing if any of the old appliances you have at home are ‘chewing the juice’ as my husband says. We had an old fridge in the garage and it turns out it was sending us broke to run it. We got a new fridge and just turn it on when we need it and have saved HEAPS!

Listen to your mother

I used to get so annoyed when my mum would tell me to put a jumper on when I complained I was cold. Then I became an adult and had to pay bills – not cool!

I got a huge shock with a massive gas bill one winter just after I moved out of home so now my first go-to will be to add layers and grab a blanket before turning on the heating! We also have timers on our thermostats just in case we do forget and accidentally leave the heating on overnight.

An extra blanket or jumper is much cheaper than a huge gas bill! Listen to your mother 😉

Fresh as a daisy!

Using the dryer is literally so bad for both your power bill and your clothes. And as a mother, the dryer is so easy and convenient, but I will always opt to hang washing out to air dry, or in winter load up the clothes horses inside.

The dryer is the devil and will eat your socks, deform your bras, shrink your favourite dress and send your whites a yucky yellow! It will also cost you heaps in power, and that’s much better spent on new dresses 😉


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