5 Ways To Build Exercise Into Your Day with Sam Wood

5 Ways To Build Exercise Into Your Day with Sam Wood

Guest Blog from Sam Wood (28 by Sam Wood)

When it comes to staying in shape, I always say that small changes lead to big results. And when you’re a busy mum with a flat out schedule, adding small bursts of exercise into your day is one of the most convenient ways you can keep fit and active. So with that in mind, take a look at 5 easy ways you can build exercise into your day. Trust me, these are so subtle that you’ll hardly notice you’re working up a sweat!

Take the Stairs (Every Time)

I want you to make a promise to yourself. For the next two weeks, skip the escalators and elevators and take the stairs instead. We burn a little over 2 calories with each flight of stairs we take. This means after 5 minutes of solid stair walking, we’ll burn close to burning around 100 calories. Remember – every little bit adds up!

Ditch the Car

Don’t worry – I’m not trying to suggest you ditch your car altogether. But I want you to think of any possible situations where you could hit the pavement instead of driving. Is the supermarket nearby? Can you ride your bike to work or drive half way and walk the rest? Can you walk the kids to school in the morning and leave the car at home? These little changes will not only help build exercise into your day but you’ll also save a tonne of money on petrol too, so both your waistline and wallet will thank you.

Walk and Talk

Business meetings with colleagues or catch-ups with friends don’t always have to revolve around food. So why not make your meeting on foot instead? Whether you’re simply meeting a friend or catching up with a client, walking and talking is an awesome way to get your steps up for the day and get your daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin C.

Join In On the Fun

Any parent will know that chasing after your kids can feel like a workout in itself (and with little Willow already on the move, it’s something I know all too well). So if you’re looking to sneak more exercise into your day, my advice is to take your kids outdoors and join in on the fun. Whether you go to a trampoline park like Bounce or go for a run around at the park with your dog, just get moving and pick something that you’ll all enjoy.

Squeeze In an Ad Break Challenge

Build more movement in your day by making the most of the boring downtime during the ad breaks (for those of us who still watch regular TV). Why not get the whole family involved and see who can hold a plank for the longest or do the most sit-ups before your show comes back on. The winner can pick what show you watch next!


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