5 Ways To Have An Epic Christmas On A Budget

5 Ways To Have An Epic Christmas On A Budget

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Buy Early

The earlier the better! For all your non-perishable items, start adding them to your shop now!

I plan out my Christmas Day menu once I know who is attending and then start stocking in the items I can early.

From your Fruit Mince Pies, Christmas Ham and even decor and tableware. Create yourself a list via the Woolworths app and add these items into your shop as you can afford them.

It makes that last shop before Christmas much more manageable, and room in the budget for some cheeky goodies…

We have already stocked up on…

Use Loyalty Programs 

This is one you can be doing all year round! Whether it’s your weekly shop with Woolworths or your Christmas shopping throughout the year.

Use your loyalty cards when shopping in person or making sure you have Google Chrome extensions for any online shopping!

Your Woolworths Rewards card offers you vouchers or Qantas points, both useful to use around Christmas time!

You can choose to save $10 on your next Eligible Shop each time your balance hits 2,000 points or you can choose to bank your savings for next Christmas. 

Using Shopback on your weekly shop and online purchases means you can create a mini-Christmas account to be withdrawn at Christmas time.

Or again, earn Qantas points on your shop and put it towards gift cards, Qantas store redemption on gifts or even family holidays.

Handmake Decor & Gifts

A great way to give Christmas a personalised touch, and save some money. I always try and incorporate something handmade.

This year, we are making name places for the table from Woolworths Candy Canes and cute little Reindeer food bags from Woolworths Candy Cane Popcorn.

This is a great way to jazz up your Christmas lunch!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Ask People To Bring A Plate

Christmas can become such a stressful and financially burdening time if you allow it. Especially if you are hosting a large Christmas event.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to bring a plate. Allocate it to them so you don’t double up. There are dozens of ready-made Christmas cakes and desserts like Woolworths Custard & Cherry Trifle Cake, Woolworths Summer Berry Mince Pies and Woolworths Mini Dessert Selection.

This is a great way to take the burden off and enjoy your time with family on Christmas day, rather than slaving in the kitchen.

Some of my favourite picks…

Plan a Left-Over Menu

A great way to make sure your Christmas grocery shop goes as far as possible, and reduce any food waste.

Creating a left-over menu ahead of time so you can not stress post-Christmas about feeding the fam, and use up all the Christmas goodness.

I always like to create my Christmas menu as early as possible. One, so I can start stockpiling non-perishables as mentioned above. And so I can then plan how to make it go as far as possible!

This year we are planning Gold Triple Smoked Bone-in Half Leg Ham and Woolworths Turkey Breast On The Bone Oven Roasted.

So I have bookmarked a bunch of recipes to use up the left-over, including Ham & Cheese Brekkie muffins, Pea & Ham Soup, Turkey Pot Pies & Turkey, Cranberry & Brie Toasties.

Leftover veggies are great in a frittata or soup too!

You can find out more ways to give your Christmas leftovers a makeover by heading to https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/food-savers

Woolies Food Savers has some wonderful ideas!!

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