5 Ways We’re Starting The School Year Stress Free

5 Ways We’re Starting The School Year Stress Free

So I cannot believe my babes in Kinder this year. Where did the time go? Does every parent go through this absolute freak out when their babies reach school age?

Even though my girls have been in daycare since they were little I feel like them starting school is just a complete other ball game. There’s a lot more structure and planning needed for both babes and parents.

I am going to admit that I haven’t been the most organised in the past and it’s really made things stressful and seen me rushing around like a crazy person trying to make it all work.

Kids feed off your emotions so much and I notice so much more if I’m rushing in the door, forgotten bags or clothes, late for a meeting – then the kids are holding me while kicking and screaming and almost impossible to drop off.

But I’ve promised myself this year that we are going to nail it and just a little bit of preparation can make it so much easier for the girls and I.

I’ve teamed up with Mathers shoes to bring you my top 5 tips for a stress free start to the school year!

I’ve created myself a checklist of things we are going to do to make sure we start off the school year stress free. Making sure both Annabelle and I have got a good routine down and have everything we need to start the school term off kicking goals 🙂

Daily School Bag Checklist

I’m absolutely notorious for forgetting to check the girls bags to make sure they have everything they need, cleaning out anything that needs to be washed and restocking it for the next day.

So I created a little checklist that both Annabelle and I can use to make sure we’ve got everything she needs before each day of kinder.

I even printed it off and laminated it and gave it to Annabelle so that she can keep mummy on her toes and make sure we’re doing this each day!

Write Down All School Dates In Calendar

Ever rocked up to a student dress up day with the only child not in costume? Yup this is me!! Every. Damn. Time.

This year I have made a conscious effort to fill out all days listed on the kinder calendar whether it be term dates, curriculum days, book week, public holidays and celebratory days so I am prepared well in advance.

Get Fitted For Shoes and Uniform

I cannot tell you the number of times I have gone shopping for new shoes for the girls and ended up coming home to realise it doesn’t fit! Or that they’re completely impractical and unwearable (even thought they looked super cute in the store).

I learnt the hard way that you are best to take your kids with you and get them professionally fitted and make sure the shoes you are buying are good quality, comfortable and going to stand the test of time.

The team at Mathers have you sorted for all your back to school needs when it comes to finding the perfect shoes. With expert fitters in every store and a 30-day perfect fit guarantee, you can rest assured that your child will start the school year on the right foot.

Just check out how adorable these shoes we picked up, and if you head to their website you can pick up some great deals in their Biggest School Shoe Sale.

Create a list in my phone of need to buy items

The good old make a list and leave it at home on the kitchen bench trick 😉 Yup I do it all the time.

This year I screenshot the lists of all the items Annabelle needs and have made sure I’ve got it with me at all times just in case that ripper sale or special offer pops up while I’m out and I can grab myself a bargain!

Make a folder/bookmark of lunch ideas (Pinterest)

Ekkk I’ve never had to do lunches before as it was all provided throughout day care centre. Not to mention I’m hopeless at making lunch for myself as it is!

So I’ve started a folder on Pinterest of lunch box ideas so that I’m never scrambling for things to pack for her lunch.

My aim is to make lunch for everyone, my husband included, which will also be a big money saver for us!

This blog has been a sponsored collaboration with Mathers shoes. But all imagery, thoughts and opinions are our own.


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