7 Super Adorable & Affordable Kids Beds

7 Super Adorable & Affordable Kids Beds

As promised guys, I’ve put together my top picks for adorable and affordable kids beds (well most haha there is a few “dream” picks in here).

I spent months searching high and low looking for the perfect bed for Ted’s room (stay tuned for which one we picked).

But I thought why not share some cute beds I came across for anyone else struggling to find the right bed to suit their room. I’ve tried to cover some different styles as I know these will not be for everyone!

You might also notice some that aren’t on the list. A lot of people mentioned IKEA and for some things I LOVE IKEA. Our entire kitchen is from IKEA but their beds are the size of a sheet of paper and don’t fit standard mattresses so I just feel like it’s a poor investment – but that being said I don’t HATE them either.

Here are my picks! Let me know your thoughts? And post your links to any cute beds in the comment section!

Adairs Kids Ainsley Timber Bed

If you are looking for a cute natural timber look, this is my top pick. Especially if you’re an Adairs fan like me and have a Linen Lovers card you can get an extra 5% off. It also has some great reviews that it’s a solidly built bed and easy to construct. Well worth the money!

RRP $699 (for the single) You can find it here.

Mocka Dani Bed

If pink is your thing, then this is the bed for you! A really beautiful dusty pink with natural timber legs – so it’s not too overly in-your-face girly. And super affordable! Reviews are all positive too, with fast shipping from Mocka and a great returns policy.

RRP $229 (for the single) You can find it here.

Incy Interiors Eden Bed

I’m sure everyone knows of Incy’s gorgeous furniture. And I’m sure you’ve seen their gorgeous metal frame cots floating around Instagram, but did you also know they come as a bed? And in all sizes, if you wanted one for yourself. But the single beds are by far my pic if you’re after a metal frame bed. I’ve seen some by other manufacturers and we even had one from fantastic furniture but it wasn’t of the same quality and we ended up getting rid of it. This would be my go-to if I wanted a metal frame and comes in heaps of colours.

RRP $529 on sale currently. Find it here.

Focus On Furniture Coby Bed

If you’re looking for a more neutral fabric bed then this was my favourite by far. A gorgeous scandi style with button details on the headboard. Couldn’t find any reviews but I’ve been the bed IRL, and it’s very well made plus not a cheap fabric at all.

RRP$ 299 currently on sale. Find it here.

Attic Single Bed by Eastern Warehouse

There are dozens of house-beds on the market, and from research, they seem to retail on a few online stores but this was the best price I could find at Zanui. Also had great feedback and affordable shipping.

RRP $349 on sale currently. Find it here.

Early Settler Manor Single Bed White

If you’re after something a little more old school with vintage charm this is my absolute FAV!!! Can I change the style of my entire house just to have this bed, please? Plus, it’s also on sale for just $299!! I went in store to have a look and absolutely loved it, such great quality and looks amazing!

RRP $299 on sale currently. Find it here.

Cuba Single Bed by Beeline Design

Okay, so this is my “keep dreaming” pick, but isn’t it AMAZING!! But it would want to be for the price haha. Made from vegan tanned leather and genuine Tasmanian Oak. Each piece is lovingly handmade and this little bed is sure to be the hero of any bedroom.

RRP $2,420 YIKKESSSS. Find it here.


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