9 Things To Do On Your Monthly Admin Day

9 Things To Do On Your Monthly Admin Day

Life admin. It’s all-consuming! There is a form for literally sneezing these days *eye roll* add it to the admin day list.

Just the day to day stuff can feel like it becomes all-consuming, I used to feel like I was just forgetting so many things and always behind.

This is why a few years ago I started to set myself what I call ‘admin days’ each month.

On those days I would go through everything, schedule out the month and work on our monthly budget and anything that came up from it.

I found this was the best way to make sure I kept on top of things and was prepared for anything upcoming. It also helped me manage and keep to our budget, which is the main reason!

But, as anyone with kids knows, there are always a billion activities, birthdays, appointments and school engagements and if I didn’t plan ahead for these, I often forgot.

So I thought I would share with you guys my 9 top tasks I always complete on my admin days!

It doesn’t have to be a full day, and often you can knock it over in a few hours depending on how organised you are.

I promise it will help to manage the daily load so much better, and you’ll be saving a lot of time and money by being on top of it all before it’s on top of you.

Here are my 9 tasks…

Do Your Monthly Budget

Having a monthly budget is a vital part. This is to both stay on track and being organised but also to saving money and potentially reducing outgoings where necessary!

You can download my FREE budget spreadsheet here. Full directions on how to save it and use it are in the post.

Organise & Clear Your Photos

If you are anything like me, then you take a lot of photos. My phone was always telling me I have no storage, even with the biggest size they offer!

This is when I started using Google Photo and backing up my photos to a hard drive.

I create a folder at the end of every month and transfer all the photos on my phone I want to keep into that folder.

I also have Google Photo Active. This backs up automatically in real-time. It is free if you select the option for reduced quality, but even then it is still a crystal clear photo with little reduction.

This keeps your phone clear and photos easy to find. Find details here.

Sort Through All Your Paperwork

We’d all be lying if we didn’t have that “pile” of papers somewhere, either needing to be actioned or deemed too important to throw away?

I always spend my admin day going through, working out what needs to be actions and getting it done (like paying a bill). And also then take the time to work out if that said piece of paper could become paperless?

I often check if that could have been potentially emailed? And switch whatever account it is to a paperless option!

This is a great way to stay organised, reduce clutter and stay accountable for that outgoing.

I then have a folder for each year that I file anything that needs to be kept for tax time.

Schedule & Book Appointments

I am useless when it comes to making and keeping appointments on the fly. I find the best way for me to keep track is to sit down and make them all at once.

One of my favourite things ever is places that offer online booking!

Personally, I hate making calls, so if I can just see available times on a website and cross that with my calendar – brilliant!

I try to make all ‘like’ appointments for one day where I can and work around everything else we have going on.

I don’t have a physical planner, I think they’re a waste and you never end up using them a full year, I do EVERYTHING digitally as I always have my phone on me.

iCloud is the easiest to use for myself, but Google Calander is also good.

Fill In Your Social/School Calendar

Like making appointments, I try and pop in all their schools and social dates as they’ve come in.

I usually pop all the school paperwork and mail in the one spot, for all the invitations, dress-up days and excursions coming up.

I make sure they’re on the family wall calendar (which is monthly) and also in my online calendar that syncs to my phone.

This means I can make any arrangments needs, organise babysitting, buy costumes or make any bookings necessary.

Plan For Birthdays

I find the best and easiest way for me to remember and plan for anyone’s birthday is to just do it all at once.

I look at the calendar and see whose birthday is coming up, or if the girls have any school friend parties and plan to buy cards and gifts at once.

And I usually do it all online so I don’t even have to leave my house.. haha

This is alot easier than running around last minute or forgetting!!

Declutter & Organise Your Wardrobe

I find if you stay on top of your wardrobe, then it never has to be a huge task.

Going through and perhaps changing your wardrobe up seasonally is great. Move big coats into storage if its summer. Go through your shoe boxes to see what you’ve already got before buying more!

Doing a monthly audit keeps you aware of what you have and also lets you sort things to be neat and tidy. This way you can find what you want when you need it.

I often find I throw things back when I’m in a hurry or things go out of order (I colour my wardrobe, and also by “type”) so it’s a good chance to put everything back in their spot.

As well as work out if you want to donate anything or sell an item!

Download your free Declutter Checklist below…

Clean Out Your Car

We all know the utter state of filth your car ends up in with kids! Sultanas and crumbs everywhere. Clothes were just thrown around after school and sports which you forget to take out (or is that just me). And the reusable shopping bags just are thrown back in the boot!

I always do a deep clean of my car. Just take a washing basket out to the car and taking EVERY SINGLE THING out of it.

And then working out what needs to be put back (neatly), throwing things out or making it to the washing basket!

Followed by a good clean, inside and out!

Tackle Your Inbox

There are always those emails that just linger in your inbox. The ones that require action but you just don’t have time for. But they are something you need to organise but just haven’t got around to it.

I start from the bottom and work my way up. No matter how hard or lengthy they are I make sure I get it done or at least set up a plan to make sure it’s done and then archive it!

An empty inbox is pretty satisfying!


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