Brighten Up Your Feed With These Body Positive Warriors

Brighten Up Your Feed With These Body Positive Warriors

As I’m sure you guys would know I am a fierce advocate for women’s empowerment and body positivity. Through my journey on social media I have come to fill my feed with others in the space who inspire me daily and make me feel good about myself! I think it’s so important to keep your online space a positive place <3 So I’ve shared a few of my favourite people to follow who are fighting the good fight and putting positive self love vibes about daily…


This is what really connected Brit and I in the first place and has forged an amazing friendship between us. Having suffered with her own demons as a child and teenager, Brit shares the harsh reality of dealing with mental illness and body image issues, and how a realistic and positive approach to health and wellness can bring you into the light.


Where do I even start! Jess is one hell of a woman with a long list of accolades to prove it! Having represented Australia as a paraolympian, she has since dedicated her life to raising awareness around Mental Health and Mental Illness with specific emphasis on body image and eating disorders. She was Cosmo Woman of the Year in 2017, has released her own children book that tackles important issues and aims to break down stigmas associated with disability, body image, self acceptance, friendship, social interaction, self esteem, and stereotypes, oh and she’s also a mother of two under two!!


Okay, so there are a lot of reasons to follow Clem! She’s an absolutely crack up (as is her husband @father_of_daughters) and she’s always delivering the goods. One of those goods if her message about positive body image and loving your life. There is do doubt why Clem has amassed a loyal following of over 400k people and if you don’t already follow her, I think you should 😉


I mean, if standing in Bourke St in a swimsuit doesn’t yell “BODY POSITIVITY” then I don’t know what will!! Emmylou has a huge passion for inspiring and encouraging people everywhere to be confident, love their bodies and get the most out of life. Even through her daily rambles via IG stories and constant drive to succeed in her field has drawn a highly engaged audience of people who find her ‘confidence contagious’ 😉

Would it be bad if I said “I love my thighs?” • Alright guys I know its hard but I want you to dig deep and tell me one thing you love about yourselves… just one, or maybe you have a list!?📜 • Can be a physical quality, a mental ability or maybe its just something about your life that gives you satisfaction knowing its all about you.. • I will start, Ok so I love my thighs, but only if the weather is at the perfect temp and I have talced enough that they’re not chaffing. • I love my butt and the fact its always had shape. Since kids it has definitely gone astray but my love is still there! • I like the fact I can make people laugh at the most inappropriate things and am grateful for the humour I attract in my tribe.🙌🏽 • Now dont get me wrong there a quite few things I totally dislike about myself, my tummy😫, my screamy mum voice, my sheer messiness that border lines on gross, my inability to shake the anxiety when someone doesn’t like me.. the list can go on, but I tonight is about what I do like so lets just stick with that. Dont leave me hanging ladies and gents, let me know what floats your boat when it comes to YOU !! 📸epic photo skills @emmaperryphoto #confidenceiscontagious #emmylouloves #emmyloumarymaccarthy #logies2018

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I have always had a total girl crush on Tiff Hall! I mean who didn’t watch Gladiators right? Well now a mum of one, Tiff was not afraid to who her reality of ‘bouncing back’ even as a super fit athlete before pregnancy! Taking mums everywhere on her journey, it was a nice change to see a “fitspo” mama keeping it real. Tiff now has her Tiff XO program which shows woman how they can realistically return to fitness and juggle mum life all at the same time!

Guys, I wanted to share this with you. This is me 2 weeks postpartum vs nearly 8 months. It has been so important for me to share my journey after the arrival of Arnold Martin, and the real, raw and honest journey, not the one demanded by magazines and social standards. I have never felt stronger than right now that I’m a Mumma Bear 🐻 I have strengths I never knew I had (like the power to stay up for 3 nights in a row), and it has been an honour to relearn my body’s strengths and weaknesses as I have been getting more and more #happyfit 💪 It wasn’t about ‘snapping back’ (not a real thing) in an unrealistic time frame and posing in my undies for a magazine. It was about sharing the real journey, from Mum buns to lack of sleep to finding time to shine. The emphasis was always on baby, not body. I carved out daily ‘me minutes’ and did my daily TIFFXO workouts – and I got results in a sustainable, Ninja way 👊 You may have seen this image of me taken close after Arnie’s birth before. Compared to the current pic, there are quite a few physical differences there. What you can’t see is how I have mentally changed too. I am still so proud of myself that my body brought Arnold to our little family, I am so proud of all of our ‘firsts’, I am even proud when Arnold smiles (we did that 😊). For this week’s #SelfcareSunday I want you to make an effort to have some self-care time just for you this week. Maybe it’s looking back and appreciating something you’re proud of, perhaps it’s giving yourself a rest day or maybe you even want to get your shine on, it’s all good. Just remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup Ninja ❤ My Nanna always gave the best advice – “Self-love is like good bread. It is best made fresh every single day”. Get baking 🍞❤ ~ #tiffxo #selfcaresunday #selfcareisntselfish #mummabear #IamMummahearmeroar #strong #happyfit

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