11 Ways To Declutter and Organise Your Digital Space

11 Ways To Declutter and Organise Your Digital Space

Everyone always bangs on about decluttering their mental and physical spaces. And I absolutely agree that it’s critical to do so and try to keep on top of it as to not let it all get to out of control. But one this I think is just as vital in this day and age is keeping your digital space organised and free from clutter.

We’ve been living our lives more and more online, and the accumulation of dozens of social media apps, our paperwork going paperless, and more interaction happening over email than in person, it can fast build-up with shit and resemble a dog’s breakfast!

So as a self-proclaimed nerd, I thought I’d share with you the way that’s I try and keep on top of my digital realm and some strategies and apps to help implement it!

Unfollow People Who Don’t Make You Happy

Yup, sounds harsh but it’s not at all. Over time you might find yourself following 1000’s of people, it is absolutely unrealistic to think you can keep up so have regular declutter of your lists.

Pages and businesses you don’t find of interest anymore, people who don’t bring you joy and present bad energy – let them all go!

Don’t feel bad, it’s not a reflection of real-life either. People are more accessible to you sometimes via the digital space. You don’t have to see them every day in real life.

Reset & Restore Your Devices

At the start of this year, I restored both my Mac and phone to their factory settings and erase all data from them.

Especially because my Mac is around 5 years old now, I find it slows down with so many files and programs being on it. You can end up with so much shit on your devices over time sometimes it’s just good to reset!

Don’t be too scared as I have a few solutions for all those photos and documents you’re worried about losing below…

Now let’s move onto that desktop and home screen!

Create Folders

I put apps and programs into folders for an easier visual appeal I.E Photography, Social Media, Finance and Entertainment.

Also makes things a lot easier to find things when looking for them. It also means your home screen or desktop isn’t covered with a million icons.

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Use A Planning/Organisational App

So I have to credit this one to my good friend Hayley! This is an organisational app that helps you track your calendar, tasks and reminders.

I’ve tried a few of these types of apps but Asana has far been my favourite. I like that you can have it running on your phone and also use the web-based version when working.

You can also organise things with other people. When Hayley and I ran our charity events we used a common list to assign tasks to each other and make sure we had everything done. I also have a list with my husband of all the renovation tasks to be done at home.

Download it here: https://app.asana.com/

Keep Files In The Cloud

For those worrying about resetting their computer or phone, this will be your new best friend.

Keep things off your hardware so as not to slow it down and also have access to your files and documents where ever you are!

This is great for me running a blog and working a lot from my phone as well as my computer.

Personally I use Google Drive and it makes all my docs reachable when I’m not on my laptop, simply from the website!

Download it here: https://www.google.com.au/drive/

Use an Accounting App

If you run a business or a blog or anything that requires you to invoice and collect money then this is for you.

I use an app called Wave, but there is many out there. It’s FREE to use means you don’t have to create and save a billion invoices, this does it all for you.

You can even connect your bank account so it auto-fills payments and inputs expenses, set reminders for late-payments and take credit card payments.

I use the web-based version on desktop and the app on my phone.

Organise Your Photos

Just like Google Docs, I use Google Photo for all my photos, it auto uploads from your phone so you never lose your photos. It also categorizes them, date sorts them and can be searched by specific people.

Download it here: https://photos.google.com/

Also, have a hard drive I use to put all my professionally shot and high res images. All dates and foldered by event.

Image result for google photos app

Use a Password Manager

Never worry about having to remember 100 passwords or run the risk of complete identity theft by having the same password for everything.

I use an app called LastPass and have for over 4 years now. It works better on PC or Android, Apple doesn’t like it as much but still works well.

Also, you don’t need the paid version, the free version is enough!

I have all my passwords autogenerated now as I actually had my blog hacked about a year ago. They input malicious code that redirected my site to a page selling fake Nike!

Download it here: https://www.lastpass.com/

Unsubscribe From Emails, Junk Mail & Newsletters

If you cannot be bothered taking the time to unsubscribe from emails, this one might be better.

Everyone went crazy for this one!! It’s called Unroll.Me and it’s to unsubscribe from all your newsletters and spam emails you’ve accumulated over the years!! You will love me for this one!!

Please note, it won’t actually unsubscribe you, it just puts it in a folder you cannot see!!

Visit Here: https://unroll.me/

Turn Off Notifications

My philosophy is that if you weren’t going to check that app any way you do not need it!

I don’t have any push notifications for Facebook, Insta or Email as they make me anxious AF.

No faster way to fuck with your head than a screen full of little red dots above your apps!


Most important of all is to disconnect from the digital world and not forget about the real world. Do this however you need to – delete your social media apps when you want space, turn off your phone and leave it at home.

Everyone is different and everyone tackles it differently. Personally, when I find I’m overwhelmed and spending too much time online I leave my phone in the lounge at night and don’t bring it to bed!

I hope that some of these have been helpful in getting your digital place organised and decluttered! Remember that as you would in the real world, you want to keep it a positive place – don’t feel bad for removing the shit, even it’s people!


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