New Year Declutter & Refresh Tips

New Year Declutter & Refresh Tips

I know everyone’s mind is set to “New Year’ for starting fresh and getting organised. But I honestly believe that it needs to be an all year sort of affair if you really want to get organised and STAY organised!

The end of the year, right after Christmas is a great time to start with the declutter and refresh of things when you’ve got the time!

Here are my top tips on places to start…

Christmas Decor

Now is the PERFECT time to organise and sort all the seasonal decorations, as you put them way!! Toss any that are broken, dated or need replacing and then neatly organise and store the rest in tubs you can pop away in the garage or attic.

Detangle lights, and use a cardboard box like a tissue box to wrap them around if you don’t have their original packaging.

Sort decorations by colour or theme and place any breakable items in boxes so they don’t get wreaked before the next year!

It is also the perfect time to buy new items for the next year at a HUGE discount. If you had your eyes on some but couldn’t justify the price, then get them now before they’re gone!


This is a really great time to change or buy new bed linen as there are huge Boxing Day sales around for some epic savings!

If you really think about it, you spend 1/3 of your day in bed – sweating, shedding skin and errr yeah other things! So retiring old sheets, mattress protectors and pillows is a must!

Plus, if you’ve followed me for a while, then you would know I am a full top sheet convert (thanks to Miss Kyree) and have spent the last year lapping up the joys a top sheet brings 😉

Basically, the top sheets act as a barrier to you and the doona, so it means you’re not having to wash the doona cover as much 😉 plus if you’ve lashed out on nice sheets then you might as well enjoy their silky softness on both sides!

Some great places to pick up some nice linen this time of year are Adairs, Canningvale & Harris Scalf.

Also, I only ever have two sets of bedding on rotation for each bed! You don’t need to keep 100’s of sets!

“That” Junk Draw

We all have one of these draws right? Filled with random cords, paperwork and other miscellaneous assortments!

Well now is a good time to sort through it and work out what you need to keep and what can go.

For paperwork and documents, I try and stay as paperless as possible. All my billing and invoices come electronically, so if I have something in that draw I make sure I can log in and make it paperless. Takes a little bit of effort but you will thank me in the long run!

I also go through and make sure everything is paid, scheduled or dealt with (for example, contesting a fine haha). I also use it as a good reminder to possibly change providers, get a lower rate or better deal or even cancel a service we don’t need.

For anything I do need to keep, I have folders with separators all labelled. These are an annual thing so I can refer to them when needed, or provide documents to my accountant as needed!

If you don’t have one, buy yourself a hole punch, some 2 clip folders (3 is fucking annoying don’t do it to yourself) and a label maker.

For all those plugs and cables, I have a “tech” box in my garage for all these. They are all labelled for what they are and when we buy new tech, I keep the boxes in there with all their guides and extra cords. So if ever I need them I can grab them.

But if you’re finding things that go with items you’ve thrown away, sold or have broken then THROW THEM OUT. Trust me you don’t need 5 kettle cords or old iPhone chargers!

Makeup & Beauty Products

Now I know this won’t apply to everyone because some people use their makeup faster than me. But if you are anything like me and don’t wear a lot of makeup then chances are you have some out-of-date items. Or simply you’ve bought something gimmicky and never used it!

The main items you should be mindful of is anything eye related, cause no one needs a manky eye thanks to their mascara! 3 months is my expiry date and what you’d find on most websites.

Also, I change anything that has been touching my body pretty regularly but is hard to clean like sponges and loofahs. I have trouble with my skin so making sure I’m not introducing or re-introducing germs is top priority!

Kids Toys

If you didn’t get around to this before Xmas, then now is the time. Your kids likely got an assortment of new toys and things and now you are struggling to find a spot for them all.

In reality, kids don’t need much and are likely not playing with a lot of their toys anymore. So go through their toy drawers, toy rooms, playrooms – wherever they have – go through all their stuff and sort through a toss pile or broken and old toys, and a donation pile that is in good quality to donate to goodwill!

Expired Foods & Medicines

Don’t lie, we all know we have a medicine basket full of expired bottles! Vitamins we bought and never took or something that was prescribed that we never took a full course of!

Same goes with the pantry, the tins of food you bought but just didn’t need? Turf it all!! It’s useless to anyone once it’s all expired.

For medicinal items, there are safe deposal sites at pharmacies you can give them to, much safer, especially if you have kids!

Look At Your Debt

I know, right after Christmas? How depressing! But it pays to be across your finances AT ALL TIME!!

If Christmas was a bit of a drainer on your bank account then make sure you have a plan to get yourself back in the black.

Now is a good time to look at where you are spending and try and work out a plan for the next month, quarter and even year. Work out what big expenses will come up and when, work out your average on utilities, and plan for them. Even try and find some better rates, discounts or cut spending where you can on things.


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