4 Books To Pop On The List

4 Books To Pop On The List

As you guys know I love a good book. And often I’m asked to share what I’m reading and what I thought. So what better time and chance to give my tops picks, just in time for Mother’s Day 😉 In case your stuck for ideas!

The Motherhood by Jamila Rizvi

This book isn’t your typical “baby book”. It’s not telling you how or what to do, or even a recount of “what worked for me”. But rather a collection of stories, from Australia’s favourite women who share what they wish they’d known about life with a newborn, in this funny, moving collection edited by the gorgeous Jamila Rizvi.

This book will make you feel normal, it will make you feel like your not alone – it’s the prefect example of “it takes a village” and it’s the perfect gift for your new mumma friends or even just one to read yourself to enjoy those ‘Me too’ moments!

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 Slow by Brooke Mcalary

This book has literally become my bible of late. I like to call this book the big F-U to keeping up with the Jones’. In a quest to live a life less cluttered with shit, both physically and mentally – this book is a must read!

It’s also a cute hardcover book that makes for a good coffee table book 😉

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Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy by Meshel Laurie

Having read both The Subtle Art and The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, I then moved onto this…

Meshels book is like it was literally written as if it was about me. And I think any mum to pick this book up will feel the same.

It’s not about managing the busy, it’s actually just about giving up what’s not needed!! It goes through how to juggle the demands of work, children and ageing parents.

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 Woman Code by Alisa Vitti

I have to thank my girlfriend, Dani Loxton, for getting me onto this one. Absolutely sick of trying to band-aid my shitty cycle and feeling like my sex drive etc takes a huge hit with medications and contraception. This has been a great stepping stone to understanding my body better and finding better ways to manage!!

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