A Room Makeover For Little Lady Bosses

A Room Makeover For Little Lady Bosses

So, it is no secret that I am not the most stylish and creative of people. I try, but I certainly was not blessed with the gift of creative vision. Someone who is, however, is my good friend Tara Dixon from No Cake For Breakfast. Tara is one of those people who can think up an entire room in a matter of seconds, while I’m just sitting there wrapping my head around the first element.

A little while ago now, I asked Tara about working on a room for both my girls to share. I wanted something that really suited my girls and not the traditional girly girly look that just floods everyone’s Insta feed with all the same bloody products!

It took some time, as a lot of the items Tara ended up having to have custom made as there just wasn’t anything like it to fit the brief (a thousand thank you’s to her and all the suppliers who worked tirelessly to make it happen).

But finally, after a few months, we got there! And the end result not only blew me away but the girls ABSOLUTELY loved it!! Annabelle (usually shy to any photos) couldn’t wait to get on her new bed and jump up and down and tell us how much she loved her new light!! Not to mention Teddy’s obsession with her new dollhouse which stands taller than her head.

From what started as me freaking out when Tara told me she was putting black and white gingham wallpaper up and order a custom metre wide hot pink neon sign (cannot thank @neonpoodle enough for this baby), ended up being the perfect space for my fun loving & crazy little girls.

Anyone who knows my girls would see this room and just scream “YASSSSSS” – it is just them to a T.

This room idea started with me wanting to put bunks in the girls’ room. The Snooze Mini Me Compact Bunk is absolutely perfect for little kids. It’s a smaller size bunk which was perfect for us as their room isn’t huge or anything.

If you know Tara at all, you would know she’s a little indecisive. So like she does, she used two different quilt sets on the beds. Apparently, the bubble gum coloured quilt, paired with the cats pillow cased were the way to go.

I must admit, it did work really well. Plus those little hearts… #adorbs! And umm, tell me you don’t love those sheets, the colours are so good. Tara has used these before and is still crazy over them, so I’m glad they worked here because the Annabelle thinks they are awesome.

Tara combined soft girly elements like the round pale pink Harper rug from Rug Collection with the fullness of the wallpaper really made the room something special. These are both things that I would have never chosen myself, that I would’ve said were not my girls’ style. That is until I saw it all together.

Bright pops of colours were my only real “must have’ contribution to the room. I wanted both girls to feel comfortable and not be worried to touch anything or play, because my kids aren’t the look-only type of kids. They really love to get in there and mess things up. Everything from the beautiful floral print to the incredible book storage and the dolls house – it is all just perfect.

I can’t wait until Teddy can move into this room with Belle. The memories they will make together will be something they will treasure forever. Belle already asks each night if Teddy can sleep in here, and if not her can Daddy! So cute. If only she wanted me to sleep in there, I would love that top bunk and neon light!


Bunk Bed: Snooze Mini Me Compact Bunk

Wall Paper: Custom design by Pickawall

Neon: Custom design by Neon Poodle

Quilts: Linen House

Cat / Heart Quilts

Bubble Gum Quilt

Cushions: Linen House

Golden Girl Cushion

Fairy Bread Cushion

Cat Cushion

Sheep Skin: Hides Of Excellence

Throw: Pom Pom Throw

Sheets: Custom Made by The Cloth Collective

Baskets: Crochet Storage Baskets Love Indi Lou

Print: The Print Emporium – Pink Midnight Garden

Clock: Clocksicle

Doll House: Winnie Dot Label

Rug: The Rug Collection – Harper

Giraffe: Studio Lisa Christie

White Tassel Cushion: Studio Lisa Christie

Mirror: Urban Outfitters

Books: Girls own

Gummy Bear Lamp: My Little Nightlight

A light: Little Letter Light Co. (No Longer Avaliable)

Side Table: Kmart Natural Side Table


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