How We Made Over $15,000 Selling On Facebook Marketplace

How We Made Over $15,000 Selling On Facebook Marketplace

As you guys would know, I am a self-proclaimed anti-hoarder and my husband often jokes “if it isn’t bolted down, I’ll sell it”.

I think he worries he might open his Facebook to find himself for sale on Marketplace!

Making an income from selling second-hand goods isn’t just a new thing for me either. As a teenager and into my early 20’s, I actually made a little business from sourcing vintage and designer items in ops shop and selling them for a profit online.

I would source outfits for myself, wear them once and then sell them online, usually as complete outfits.

I once sold a hot pink vintage Cue skirt for $350! It was at this point I realised I could make some serious cash.

All the same basic things I applied then, still apply today to selling but now there are heaps more platforms and social media has given me an even bigger audience to market to!

I’ve spoken a lot about selling your second-hand items online and you can check out my top tips in some of my previous blogs below. But in the last few years, Facebook Marketplace has become my primary place for buying and selling second-hand goods online.

Here is why…

It’s Free

A lot of the second-hand selling sites now take a fee, and that fee only gets higher and higher over time.

Also, 99% of the time I am selling to a local person who can pick up or have the item delivered to them so no postage is required, saving a lot of time and hassle!

It’s Local

The big perk to FB Marketplace is that it’s generally local. You set you’re local and the distance in which you want to search, as do those buying from you.

I think the default is around 25km. 

You Can Share To Other Pages

If you are a member of your local Buy, Swap & Sell pages like I am, then you can automatically push your items to those pages with the tick of a box.

This way you can post your items to relevant pages and get your item in front of the exact people you want to see your item.

I find that people on BSS pages are also keen to buy items. Otherwise, they wouldn’t join those pages!

For example, if you are selling baby items then join the local baby/child selling pages. People are always after second-hand baby goods

You Can Pay It Forward

It also makes random acts of kindness easy and possible! I often post an item for free and there are local PIF pages like BSS you can pop your items in.

Sometimes, you’ll have an item you feel might not be of too much value but is still useable and perhaps donation-worthy – pop it on Marketplace and make someone’s day!

You Can Sell Your Shed!

Yup, you can! I know because I did. And not just some stand-alone tin shed, but our two car garage that was concreted into the ground!

You can literally sell (almost) anything. Just don’t try to sell animals or organs 😉 Well you can try but it won’t be approved so save yourself the time!

Be creative in what you can sell. I have sold multiple items we’ve needed to be gone throughout our renovation like old timber, garden rocks and of course, the shed.

We actually saved money because it was going to cost us over $1,000 to have it professionally removed. But thanks to my savvy thinking we made money on it and had someone come remove it for us.


It is Saving The Planet

Well, it is? The second-hand economy is vital in reducing waste and giving items a second lease on life!

Just because you no longer need something, doesn’t mean someone else does not. And often there are people who really need to source things second hand because they cannot afford them new.

I think it also encourages people to take better care of their possessions, thinking that if they one day might sell it and make some money back on that purchase, they’re more inclined to preserve it better!

It also means we invest our money in better quality items and buy less fast fashion that has a very limited life span.

But it isn’t all peachy!

Now, I know that a lot of you have issues with selling online and can get quite frustrated.

And yes, there will be times when people are just annoying and you will have items go for weeks without selling or people stuff you around and you end up feeling it all isn’t worth it!

People don’t collect their items?

I know this is one of the biggest issues people have and I’ve heard of people holding items for months and the person never comes?

Or the person gets shitty because you won’t hold an item and sell to someone else?

Don’t let it happen!

Be firm in your post from the start about your terms for collection and sale. I always have a copy and paste T&C’s I post to all my items and tweak them accordingly!!

“No Holds” – Meaning the item will be sold to the first person who comments sold and collects it within the agreed time frame. If they don’t come that first time then it’s gone. If they say they will come in a week, I just tell them it’s not soon enough and it’s priced to go! First in, best dressed!

“Advertised Elsewhere” – Sometimes people get shitty if they comment sold and you tell them it’s already gone on another page. Just pop this in the post and it makes them aware the item could potentially be gone!

“Pick Up Only (Location)” – This is really annoying because the listing literally says where you are with a postcode, but people still ask where pick up is from?! I also state that it is “pick up” only so no one asks for it to be delivered or posted.

Once you have potentially sold the item and are arranging collection, be as flexible as you can and try to make it easy for the person. Low-value items I just leave out for them to pick up if I cannot be home. 

I have a safe and undercover area I direct them to and give instructions on where to leave the money. In the 100’s of items I’ve sold, I have never had an issue with this.

Everyone tries to haggle me down?

Well, what did you expect! It is a marketplace? That’s what it was made for?

Try not to take it personally. I know I did in the beginning, but people are just trying to get a good deal, who can blame them?!

If the offer is too low, say no! And move on.

Ultimately any comment on your item is boosting it in ranking so keep them talking if you can 😉 Use it as a chance to highlight features on the item or explain why it’s worth more so other people see these comments.

I always price my item above what I am prepared to sell and work down from there. It is important to note that if you are just going to donate the item otherwise, then $5 is better than $0!

If the items are going to be unused and collect dust otherwise then something is better than clutter!

So how do I make sure my items sell?

So now that I have covered all those issues, let’s get you selling and hopefully get you one step closer to making those $$$. Here are some of my top tips for selling items…

Make The Item Look Appealing

This is HUGE. No one wants to buy something that doesn’t look ‘pre-loved’. If you throw it crinkled on the floor, it looks like you don’t care. So I don’t care?!

For clothing, wash the item (or dry clean if needed), iron it and hang it so it looks nice. I even used to have a mannequin when I sold frequently!

If its furniture, I suggest placing the items how it might fit in someone’s house, give them visuals so they know this is the item for them!

Get Snap Happy

Take multiple photos, of all different aspects of the item. Have minimal backgrounds as to not distract from your items and keep it light and bright! Natural light over anything, always!

Use Key Words In Your Description

This applies for selling on ANY platform. Use words that people might be searching for? Not just the name and label of the particular item.

Give Detailed And Be Truthful

When writing your listing, make sure you give as much information as possible. Sizing, measurements, flaws, damage, condition and anything else you can think of.

Use photos as reference and be as truthful as possible.

I find the more information you give about the item, the more time it saves you in answering questions.

Price To Sell & Let It Go

I find doing a quick little search for like items is a great way to figure out what you want to set your pricing around.

Also, it is great to remember that an item sitting in your home that is unused and just depreciating in value is worth nothing to you.

Making a few dollars for something you will eventually just throw out anyway is better than nothing.

I know it can be hard to part with something you spent heaps on, but if it’s useless to you then you need to move it on.

Don’t let it be clutter and let it be a lesson to you on future purchased of things you don’t actually “need”.

Leave & Encourage Feedback

Did you know you can rate a buyer and seller on Facebook? This is a super handy tool I find and a great way to help encourage future sales!

Now with all those half little tips, let’s get selling!! I challenge you to list your first item! Let me know how you go and what your experience is!


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