How You Can Save Hundreds $$$ By Using This One App

How You Can Save Hundreds $$$ By Using This One App

As you guys know I am a huge fan of Shopback – I’ve talked about it dozens of times on my socials and constantly get dozens of questions a day about it.

So I thought I’d answer all of your questions here, and explain how you can save hundreds of dollars from using this one app!

So what is ShopBack?

ShopBack is a cashback website, that works basically like a digital loyalty card for shopping with the retailers on their site.

When you shop with the retailers on their site you will get a percentage (whatever their current offering is) of the value of your shop. The money saved will be available to you once the relevant time period has lapsed.

You can see the total savings that you’ve earned, the pending savings that will be made available to you in the future, and what you can withdraw back into your bank account or Paypal account right now.

ShopBack is extremely transparent in how they work.  They’ve set up a great page that explains everything, which you can find here. 

What’s the catch?

People often ask me how it works saying that it seems “too good to be true?” but it makes complete sense. 

Retailers pay to be on ShopBack’s site because they drive customers their way.  Customers love to go through ShopBack because they get an extra discount.

The retailer pays ShopBack a commission, and ShopBack passes part of that onto us. In the end, everyone wins. 

When will I get my money?

It’s different with each retailer, however, it’s all super clear when you visit the site.  Look out for the below information on the individual retailer pages on ShopBack.

“Tracking Time” – The time it takes for ShopBackto confirm the cashback amount

“Claim Time” or “Redeemable” (app only) – The time it takes until you can withdraw the funds into your bank account. 

I find that on average most cashback is redeemable in around 75 days, which you can imagine covers them for their returns policies. 

The most effective way to use it for maximum $$$ back?

I have been using ShopBack for over 6 months now and I have found over the first few months I was getting little bits here and there but once I got the hang of it, it’s become apart of my everyday life and I basically use it for the majority of my online shopping.

I use ShopBack on my everyday groceries with Woolworths, I use it when I need pharmaceutical items from the Chemist (Priceline) and because I have the Chrome Extension installed on my laptop, I am using it on almost all my clothing buys as it will pop up even if I don’t know the retailer is in there!

By going in via your app or having the extension on your computer, you will find that most of the time you can find the shop you’re looking for or someone with the same products you can use and get a discount! (Are you seeing how this all works now?)

Play the long game!

I know some people are like “where is my money, I just want it now” but if you think about it. ShopBack becomes a long term little savings account.

Over time it builds up and because you cannot take it out right away, you tend to just leave it to sit there and can potentially be saving a few hundred dollars over just a few months!

I’m currently using mine as a Christmas Club account, as suggested by one of my lovely followers.

Hopefully, come the holiday season I can use that money towards our big grocery shop, kids presents and even better – I can earn those ShopBack discounts all over again on those purchases!!

If you have been hesitant about jumping on the ShopBack train, then now is absolutely the time! There is NO cost. Zilch, Nada ZERO!!! Only savings to be made!

To check out the retailers they have available, you can head to their website and for more on the Chrome extension, check it here.


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