How To Make An Insta-Worthy Grazing Platter For Just $50

How To Make An Insta-Worthy Grazing Platter For Just $50

As the days get longer, the breeze a little warmer – not to mention the social calendar quickly filling in the lead up to Christmas! – I wanted to share with you guys the go-to grazing platter set-up that I’ve mastered down to an art (and all for around $50, depending on seasonal produce).

This is perfect for any shindig, be it a family bbq, a catch up at the park or just date night at home with the hubby!

It’s also a great gift idea! I’ve done this same setup for girlfriends baby showers and birthdays for years now!

You honestly don’t need to spend hundreds on produce or even having a company come in and create something for you. The best part (I think anyway) of a grazing platter or table is that it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ and with just a few little tricks, you can throw something as equally delicious as it is ‘Insta-worthy’ together in no time!

Below I’ve shared my little tips and tricks as well as my complete grocery list. You can simply shop in-store at Woolworths or even better, order online and have everything delivered all ready to go!

Keep it simple

I honestly believe you can go a little OTT with the old grazing board. Everything I popped on this creation is from my local Woolies! There is no need to be sourcing exotic elements from lost lands – just simple, fresh and seasonal produce!

Theme it to your event, the time of year and just go with what is available and you can create something affordable AND picture worthy no worries!!

And more of the stuff you WANNA eat, don’t just overdo the grapes and nuts – if in doubt? More cheese!!

Use greenery as a base & filler

I find this is a good way to start planning out where you will pop everything. I always start with cheeses, and this is a good way to create a base for it, as well as break up each item on the board.

Add some colour

Adding little pops of colour are a great way to make your grazing tables visually appealing. I do this with dips & fruit. Beetroot dip is my go-to 😉  As well as some seasonal fruits like pomegranate to really make it sing!

Always carry a knife

Cause let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than snapping biscuits because there is no knife to cut the cheese!

I’ll be entirely honest, I have cheese knives in my car – along with wipes, spare nappies, spare undies and hand sanitiser! All just as important as one another if you ask me!

Because 95% of the time I’m setting this up at the park, a friends house or somewhere that isn’t my home, you don’t wanna get stuck knife-less!!

The shopping list…

All accessories, cheese board, cooler bag and rug are from The Marigold Merchant. Shop here.


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