How To Cope With Heavy Bleeding

How To Cope With Heavy Bleeding

Recently on my stories, I shared with my audience about the troubles I have and have had pretty much all my adult life, dealing with heavy periods and a whacked out menstrual cycle. Something that has only gotten worse for me since babies, and impacts my life in more ways than one.

Upon sharing my experiences I had an influx of women sharing their own stories with me, their frustrations and their journeys they have been on dealing with similar issues.

It actually blew my mind the dozens, if not hundreds of replies I had from those empathetic to my situation, willing to share their knowledge, offer support on what I could do, as they’d experienced the same.

To those who pleaded for me to share any positive outcomes, I may have found to alleviate the problems, and thanking me for being so open about the topic as they felt they had no one to confide in about it.

It’s amazing how something that affects half the population, and that is as normal and natural as they come, can be such a taboo topic out in the open!?

From a young age were programmed to believe that periods are “gross”. We keep it hidden away, like so many issues that impact females in our society and left to deal with it behind closed doors.

And it’s not like it’s just a few period cramps and heavy bleeding, the problems that can stem from simply housing female reproductive organs can be crippling to your day-to-day life, your entire life!





Polycystic ovaries.

Extreme cramping & pain.

Hormonal imbalances.


Isn’t being a girl fun sometimes? Isn’t it!

Not to mention the anxiety and stress so many women experience when they hope to fall pregnant and are met with a hurdle of fertility issues.

All these issues women are facing daily, all around the world – yet some people are too quick to point the finger and say “TMI” when you try to open up the conversations.

We need to start talking about it more and informing ourselves and others as best we can to try and manage these issues, and at least to offer support and comfort when dealing with an issue that impacts us so deeply.

Same goes for when we are trying to manage these issues.

I remember when I was younger and my periods started quite young. By the time I was 15 they were so heavy and impacting me so bad that I missed school, was critically anaemic and always exhausted.

I was given the same medication they give to haemophiliacs to assist blood clotting as I bleed too heavily for over seven days. I was also put on the pill to try and lessen the bleeding.

From then on I had dozens of side effects from the pill, which was changed to several different ones to try and then lessen the symptoms. I tried the Implanon rod that is inserted into your arm, and that just sent me crazy and made me gain weight. I had every pill you can think of, Yasmin, Diane – tried them all.

But what I came to realise is that every time I visited a GP, there was never any explanation about these pills, there was no investigation into perhaps other methods of helping reduce my flow and manage the symptoms.

After babies, I had the Mirena basically thrown at me like it was this grand answer to fix all my problems, only for it to then create more than I’ve ever had before!

Oh and let’s not forget that every single one of the above mentioned, absolutely KILLS MY SEX DRIVE!!

TMI? Sorry ladies but we need to talk about these things!!

Upon opening up the dialogue on my socials and sharing my current journey of trying a more natural approach to all this, I’ve been amazed at the help and support people have to offer.

I’ve always wanted my platform to be a safe place for women, a space that we can talk about issues once deemed “taboo”. The more we talk about it, the more okay it becomes. We can make more informed and empowered decisions about our bodies and lives, and not be afraid to have these conversations.

And that is why I am super excited to be collaborating with Modibodi and their period and leak-proof underwear. I’m sure you’ve heard of them but basically, these are undies you wear during your period, and they absorb everything rather than wearing pads or tampons.

They’re reusable, so it makes them a super environmentally friendly and it means you don’t have to spend hundreds a year in bulk sanitaries. It’s a win-win!

And there aren’t even as ugly and uncomfortable as I thought they might be, they’re literally like any other pair of undies! The magic lies in their exclusive liner, no wet feeling, totally dry, locks the fluid in with no smells and no leaks!

The Modibodi ethos is all about supporting the modern women with a fearless take on making our “unmentionables” absolutely mentionable. And showing women that being in tune with our bodies is what makes us feel comfortable, confident and fiercely ourselves.

And this is something I couldn’t love more!

To purchase head to their website. My favourites are by far the seamfree and sensual range, and I promise you they may take a bit to get your head around but you won’t regret the decision, nor will you be disappointed on their performance.



  1. Sarah
    May 2, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    Hi Olivia!
    I’m not on Instagram but love to check in on your photos and blog often!
    I was just reading your post on the Modibodi undies and I love all the photos! Thanks for sharing!
    I wanted to ask where the bed was from the is pictured? Sounds weird but I’m on the hunt for one excactly that colour!

  2. Catherine
    July 5, 2018 / 3:14 pm

    You’re experience has inspired me to give this a trial. I would love to not have the inconvenience of using sanitary goods and creating so much waste. Modibodi sounds so convenient and much more comfortable during the day as a busy Mum.

    How many pairs usually get you through an average cycle?

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