Leaders Of Radical Love by Little Auguste

Leaders Of Radical Love by Little Auguste

It’s one thing to say you support a cause, but an entirely different ball game to create entire collections of clothing, launch huge activations and create meaningful conversations that reaches millions of people.

And that is exactly what Ebony, the Founder & Creative Director of Auguste has done. From their ‘90 Days of Change’ campaign to support Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia, ‘Protect Our Reef’ tees for Australian Marine Conservation Society, and most recently their explosive call to action UN Women tees that saw tees sell out within hours of their launch.

And this is a ethos that runs through the entire business, from conception to the end product. Auguste the Label is extremely transparent about where their materials are sourced, and how and where their products are produced. Ebony believes that money is an exchange of energy and putting your energy in the right places can create a revolution.

And in my opinion, there should be more of it!

That’s why I’m so thrilled to be able to bring this little sneak peak to you of their next Little Auguste collection. And even had the chance to have a quick chat to Ebony about what motivated this collection and what inspires her Auguste & Little Auguste collections.

What inspired the “Leaders of Radical Love” collection and what does it mean?

My biggest inspiration for Little Auguste is always my two girls, Frankie and Coco. They love twirling (as you can tell in all the campaign imagery) and I wanted to create dresses that would swirl beautifully as they play. My girls put so much heart and love into everything around them and that’s also what this collection is about. Children are just so genuine in everything they do… they’re little leaders of love.

Who is the “Little Auguste” customer (apart from mum haha)?

Anyone with a free-spirited little lady in their life. These pieces are for the girls who love to climb trees, run around barefoot in the sun and never stop twirling. Many of our Little Auguste customers also love the women’s pieces for themselves… we love seeing photos of mummas and their little loves in matching Auguste.

You recently launched your UN women initiative, what inspired you to support this particular cause?

UN Women works tirelessly to empower women, educate girls, address basic human rights and close the gender gap. Supporting them is a way for Auguste to play a role in creating a positive future for all girls! We’ve worked with a number of charities in the past, but always ones with an environmental focus. Partnering with UN Women meant we could find a more common ground for our Auguste women and create a campaign that would (hopefully) resonate with all of them.

What was your overall vision for the Auguste & Little Auguste labels?

To create a beautiful ethical brand that gives back to the earth and everyone who finds it.

‘Leaders of Radical Love’ launches Tuesday 17th of July at the Auguste website. Make sure you check it out before it sells out as many of their pieces do.


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