Amy’s Story

After 30 years of living in this body,  I have only in the past two and a half years truly accepted and started to love my body.

After years of dieting, exercising to no end, cutting out food, it has taken having two beautiful daughters to change this.

My girls have not only changed the way I see and perceive my body but also how I see the world!

Kids are so innocent. The way they see things, interpret things, the way they just eat without thought; it has put a whole new spin on my life-one I always dreamed of but couldn’t quite get my hands on.

A life of balance is what I’m now about.

I love to eat well and nourish my body with nutritious foods but I’m not afraid to have some chocolate or takeaway or head out for a few drinks.

I know I’ll never be a stick thin person and I’m totally fine with that.

Having children has helped me accept my body and not only that but has helped me grow as a person.

My passion is helping people and all three of my jobs allow me to fulfil this passion. Being a nurse, a mum and a gym instructor means I can try my best to help people every single day and I will be happy if I can make even a small difference!

Amy's Story

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