Setting Your Finance Goals + FREE PRINTABLE

Setting Your Finance Goals + FREE PRINTABLE

Ever since sharing with you guys how we saved $30k in a year to put towards our renovation, I’ve had tonnes of questions and queries on how we did it.

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces with you guys on ways and means to budget + save, but let’s be honest! It all starts with having and setting goals!

By actually working out exactly what you want, and how much that is going to be. You’ve given yourself a measurable outcome that you can put actual measures into place to reach it.

I read an article once that said the human brain works best in ‘three’s’. Maybe three directions, three instructions and in this case, having three goals! For me, it was a renovation, Disneyland and a new lens for my camera.

I wrote them down, and I worked out exactly what that looked like in a dollar figure. And then began the footwork to actually working out how we’d reach that goal.

My background on my phone was set to an image of my mum and I at Disneyland 25 years ago. This was to keep that reminder constantly in my head. I created Pinterest boards with renovations ideas and cut out pictures from home and lifestyle mags ( yes, full teen-style making scrapbooks).

My eye was on the lens I wanted in sales and waited patiently for it to be on sale (this never happens for professional Canon lenses, so I waited a while) and bookmarked the sites that had it.

I truly believe that putting your intentions out into the universe is a big part of reaching your goals.

At the start of last year, I chatted with Marcia, from Not So Mumsy on the podcast. She talked a lot about manifesting, which is something I really took home from our conversation. I absolutely believe there is huge power in this!

So after sharing my stories about setting goals, I thought what better way to start then by writing down your goals and intentions and starting to put everything into place.

I have created a free printable to download and pop your top three financial goals. These could be around reducing current debts like loans and credit cards. This is always the best place to start if you have it. A holiday, a house deposit, maybe a bag you’ve had your eye on for ages as a treat!

Stick it on your fridge or up around your desk. Even start a folder to add all your budgeting and financial paperwork into and keep all in one place.

How To Use Your Finance Goals Printable

  • Click the link to download then print
  • Fill out your goals and work out roughly how much you need to save/pay off
  • Give yourself a reasonable and realistic time frame to achieve it
  • Stick a copy to the fridge, or even start a folder to keep all your documents around budgeting and finance <3
  • Save that money and roll around in yo dolla dolla bills

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