One Of The Hardest Parts Of Parenting Just Got A Little Easier

One Of The Hardest Parts Of Parenting Just Got A Little Easier

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I always knew when Annabelle first started daycare that she might get a little sick. I’d had many a warning from other mums and everyone had shared their stories about the dreaded daycare lurgies that kids all loved to share around.

But nothing prepared me for the months on end of constant sickness that she just never seemed to get over. The multiple days she spent home sick that I was still paying full fees for. And the vicious cycle of going back only to become unwell again and around we went again.

It was especially frustrating and stress inducing as I had put her into care to return to work. Only to then have to call in sick and go unpaid – this didn’t help with my own physical and mental health at all.

When Annabelle was about ten months old, she seemed to get hit with a really bad throat infection. She had always been a deep and heavy breather when she slept, and snored like a tractor. But this got so bad that she would actually appear to stop breathing in her sleep, gasp for air, then wake herself up coughing.

We took her to the doctors several times, only to be told by multiple doctors that it was a viral infection and to wait it out.

It was a really stressful time for everyone because here we were, with our first-born baby, who was so sick, and we felt like there was nothing we could do to help her. We would stay awake at night fearful that she’d stop breathing completely, constantly trying to take her temperature and pondering if we should just take her into the ER or wait it out till morning.

Not to mention with a child so small it’s so hard to check their temperature and get an accurate reading and you can never be sure they are getting enough fluids or really know what’s going on in their little bodies.

After a really bad run for a couple of weeks, my husband and I were trying to balance it out and take it in turns the time we took off work to look after her. We even had our own parents take time off work to help us get through it.

On one particular day, my father in law had her. He sent me a photo while I was at work at lunch time, she looked happy and had some colour back in her cheeks. She seemed to be on the mend, it was the first time she’d eaten in days and she had a smile on her face.

A few hours later, I got a call at work. It was my father-in-law asking when I was coming home. I asked why, and he said Annabelle had a fit. I was completely confused, I thought he meant maybe she had cracked a tantrum or was over-tired. I asked him, and he said that she’s actually had a physical ‘fit’, she had started to convulse on the ground and he was taking her to hospital.

This was the first time I’d ever heard of a ‘febrile convulsion’. One of the many things as a first-time parent you are likely to be unaware of and would hope never to become familiar with.

When we spoke to the pediatrician at the hospital, my father-in-law explained that she had woken from a nap and seemed completely fine. She was standing and blabbering to him, she did not appear hot and she’d had plenty of water. Then without any warning she stopped and stared blankly before falling over and her entire body convulsed on the floor – her temperature had spike to almost 40 by the time she got to hospital.

She would again go on to have several of these over the next few weeks, associated with her throat infections and constant temperatures. As a parent it is possibly one of the most horrific things you can witness, but also not being there the first time and not knowing was also one of the hardest times for me as a parent.

Eventually Annabelle was scheduled for surgery and thankfully she has not experienced another febrile convulsion since, nor been as sick as she was prior to the operation.

With my second daughter, it has always been a huge fear of mine that she might go through something similar. She began daycare and I was so on edge about her getting sick that I find myself always checking in her in the night and waking to the slightest cough to check her temperature and breathing to make sure she’s okay.

So recently when Nurofen approached us to trial their new FeverSmart Temperature Monitor we were really excited to test it out as anything that assists parents in such a stressful time when their babies are sick and allows them to feel in control as they monitor their child’s temperature, is amazing in my books.


The monitor works with the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor app which you can easily download to your phone and then connect via Bluetooth. You simply sync them up and place the monitor under your child’s arm with the adhesive patch. At first, I thought this might be tricky with a 20-month-old but after using it I found it stayed on all night and didn’t have any issues sending the temperature data to my phone.

It also had great range and was working through several rooms while I was in the lounge or our own bedroom. Something I was super impressed with as it would be completely useless should it not keep a connection this far.

Additionally, it had visual and audible push notifications (when turned on in your settings) for when the child temperature goes over 38 degrees. Thankfully during the time, we trialled it her temperature never went above this. But it was nice to have the peace of mind that it would sound if she did.

One thing I was particularly surprised by is just how simple yet effective the FeverSmart Temperature Monitor is. It only took minutes to setup and connect, no complicated instructions or requirements, it was simply a few clicks to set up Teddy’s profile and ready to go.

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I will note that it does take several minutes to ‘warm-up’, which it says on the app when you first open it. So just be a little patient to get a correct reading. But once it does it works seamlessly.

I can only think back to our experience with Annabelle and wish I had something like this when she was so sick and experiencing constant fevers. Even for when I went to work and someone else was looking after her, they could have used this app and felt more at ease and in control.

The FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children is an absolutely game-changer when it comes to parenting sick little ones. It gives worried parents the peace of mind they need and helps to make informed decisions in a stressful time.

To pick one up simply head into your nearest Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. And for more information and videos on how the Feversmart Temperature monitors works head to their Facebook page or website here. I’ve also popped a great video below for you to check out!

Disclaimer: Feversmart does not replace continuous parental vigilance. When in doubt, always see your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are concerned with your child’s fever, see your healthcare professional.



  1. Nicole
    February 28, 2018 / 10:56 pm

    Does your daughter snore regularly ? It’s not normal at all for children to snore. It is a sign of something wrong. You should get her checked by a sleep and respiritory specialist.

    • Olivia
      March 15, 2018 / 1:31 pm

      This was years ago darl, she’s ha surgery since and is fine!

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