Step-By-Step Guide To Decluttering Your Home + FREE PRINTABLE

Step-By-Step Guide To Decluttering Your Home + FREE PRINTABLE

While it may seem simple, if you don’t prepare and set yourself some rules for decluttering your space, then you can end up right where you started, except more confused!

Also, depending on how frequent you declutter and organise your home will also determine how much time and how hard the task at hand will be. For me, I do this regularly so it isn’t such a huge task but once upon a time, when I first started to live my life a bit more minimal and free of clutter, it seemed impossible!

For me, it’s less about the ‘stuff’ and more about living in a way that is mindful of the environment, not having or using more than I need and making sure I’m not wasteful. This means when cleaning out huge piles of stuff I’m not just throwing it away or giving it to people who don’t even need it or at worst, dumping my rubbish on someone else so it becomes their problem!!

I like to put my items into four piles: Throw Away, Donate, Sell and Keep!

I think by doing it this way it helps you be mindful of what you use, consume and it’s purpose!

If something is completely unusable, like worn and torn clothes or broken and stained furniture. Then I’m not going to simply donate it because I cannot be bothered disposing of it! I also take note of how much stuff I’m actually deeming “unusable” and rubbish because that’s a sign your not buying quality products or not taking care of things.

Be mindful about what you do with your unwanted items!

When donating, I don’t just throw it all in the one bag and take it to Vinnies. I like to be mindful of what the items are and where they are going.

Are there more specific places like women’s shelters, children’s toy libraries, even Vet clinics who can use old towels and linen? I often put kids clothing on Pay It Forward Facebook pages as there may be a mother and family who would love those items, yet cannot afford them.

Perhaps your friends might like to check out your old dresses, the ones you’ve worn once and decided to move on! Always try to be super mindful of where you’re donating your items to.

Could you be making money from your stuff?

If you have a lot of larger ticket items, still new or hardly used, don’t be afraid to sell them and make a bit of money back! Gumtree, Marketplace, eBay and even garage sales and markets! Even making small amounts adds up!!

Think about purpose!

The ‘keep’ pile is always the hardest. Sorting through what you want to keep and working out why?! Sometimes we keep things just for sentimental value, because we find it hard to part with the money we spent on it or because we think we ‘might’ one day need it!

Try and think hard about the reasons behind wanting to have that item in your home and perhaps come to terms you’ve already spent that money and it’s never coming back!! It might make you more mindful on future purchases!!


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