The Ultimate Disneyland Survival Kit For Families

The Ultimate Disneyland Survival Kit For Families

We have become quite the seasoned theme park-ers in the last few years. And we’ve fine-tuned our approach to tackling them with kids pretty darn well.

Being prepared can be the difference between the best and worst day of your life – not joking!!

Below I have completed my ‘must-have’ list fort tackling any theme park.

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Travel Pram

This is your numero uno! Even if your kids are a little bit older and don’t usually use a pram anymore. You will still need one in Disney.

I learned this the hard way the first time we went with the girls and ended up hiring one from the park.

No of course, if you don’t own one then maybe hiring one for the day is a better option. But they’re not the best and having your own is much better.

I have the new City Tour 2, which has ample basket space and lies flat for kids to sleep if needed.

Teddy hasn’t napped in the day for over a year, yet she still fell asleep at Disneyland at our most recent trip.

You can purchase the City Tour 2 via their website, and don’t forget there is 6 Qantas points per $1 when you use Points Prompter at checkout.

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is your #1 them park essential


A good-sized backpack with lots of compartments and drink holders is key.

You want something comfortable as well, as you’ll be carrying it around all day.

I have this adorable bag from Petunia Pickle Bottom which was totally fitting for our recent trip to Disneyland. It is actually a nappy bag, but without looking like one!

Water Bottles

Another must! You will be walking around all day. And while most cafes offer free water in cups, it’s just so much easier to have it on hand.

These cute Frozen drink bottles are just from Woolies.

Sun Protection

Hats, sunnies and sunscreen are a MUST at any theme park. They’re notoriously open and with little shade.

Standing in lines for hours in the direct sun, you want to make sure you cover yourself.

First Aid

Another lesson painfully learned.

Take bandaids or a little first aid kit because blisters (and chaffe) will happen from all that walking and sweating haha.

I just keep some in the front of the backpack and even a few in my purse just so they’re on hand when you need them.

Rain Ponchos

If it isn’t the sun, it’s the rain.

In Orlando, I got caught in torrential showers, even though it was still warm, it rains ALL THE TIME there.

Rather than paying a bomb for them onsite, I picked up these cute ones for $4 each at Kmart.

Hand Sanitiser & Wipes

It is impossible to not get sticky in theme parks. There are endless lollies, ice cream and treats to be had.

Not to mention, I like to wipe things down before touching them. Or cover me and the girls in sanitiser after every ride haha.

Spare Clothes

Even if it’s just a tee and shorts. it doesn’t need to take up much room.

But kids are likely to get dirty, sticky or wet at some stage. Especially if you plan on spending a large portion of the day in the park and don’t have accommodation on site. I would say this is a must!


As wonderful and tasty as all theme park food and snacks are, they can get expensive.

I just take a few little things to hold the kids over between meals and rides. Sultanas, nuts and muesli bars are great as they’re small and easy.


I mean you cannot go to Disney and not put it on the gram, right?

Be it your phone, your professional DSLR or a cute polaroid like this one, your camera or GoPro is a must.

Wireless Charger

Using your phone all day to capture photos and video, your phone is likely to die. That’s just how phones are these days apparently.

I use the Cygnett Wireless Battery Pack and it charges all our phones, multiple times over and doesn’t need cables.


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