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PA/Social Media Assistant Role

A self proclaimed “Control-Freak”, for a long time I’ve been the wearer of many hats, but it has come the time we need to take on a little help to get us to where we’d like to be!

I’m one of those lucky gals who gets to do what she loves for a living. Creating content, producing engaging and meaningful articles and working with some of the most iconic brands around the world is a dream come true. But, like anything, there is a lot that goes on in the background to make that happen that people don’t even realise!

And that is where this role stems from…

I won’t lie! This is a ‘mixed bag’ role. It won’t always be the same thing each day, in fact, it will be completely random!

Largely it will involve a lot of the back end workings of the blog, content and liaising with brands. An understanding in social media (IG, FB, YouTube, Pinterest etc) and being proficient in these platforms is a must! As well as a proven understanding in social media metrics and analytics.

Experience with web applications and software such as: WordPress, Photoshop, video editing software is also preferred. And if your handy with a camera, even better!

The chosen applicant will have excellent communication skills, organisation skills and time management skills. Have a creative mind and eye for detail. A positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills.

Please note: My children will totally be involved in the hiring process 😉 no one is a better judge of character than my 2 year old 😉

Looking for 5-10 hours per week to start, depending on the right person for the role 🙂 we are pretty flexible.

Location Warragul (West Gippsland).

To apply, please email me at olivia@houseofwhite.com.au.

A little hint: I don’t so much care about the dot points of your experience and education but rather show me/tell me why you are right for this role? Sometimes a piece of paper means nothing, and the best creatives are self taught 😉

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