Why Your Kids Will Love Woolworths Discovery Tour

Why Your Kids Will Love Woolworths Discovery Tour

So a few weeks back Woolies asked out girls and their friends to come and test out their new Woolworths Discovery Tours.

These tours are a FREE initiative by Woolies that invites teachers and educators to bring their class along and learn about where their food comes from and to interact with fruit and veggies in a fresh and fun new way.

Whether it be kindy kids or primary aged, the tours are tailored for each group and children will go on a discovery where they will be introduced to an array of rainbow-coloured fruit and veggies. Through sight, sound, touch and smell, they’ll have a sensory experience with familiar, and sometimes unfamiliar produce, learning how and where they grow, the benefits of each and the importance of eating a good variety of fresh fruit and veggies every day.

At first I was unsure how taking kids as young as Ted would go, fearing there would be toddlers and preschoolers running riot around the shopping centre #worstnightmare. But the tour was super engaging, and the lovely staff from our local Woolies were so warm and friendly the kids loved them!

The kids got mini aprons and totally looked the part trekking around the fresh food department, the bakery and through the super market!

They had the chance to try new foods, play games and even got little take home bags. They also provide the educators with a pack full of certificates, stickers and colouring charts for the class – hours of fun and learning.

We even put together a little video just to show you how much the kiddies loved the tour, could these kids be any cuter??

To book a tour or for more info, head to their website. Booking is easily done via the website and like I mentioned it’s all FREE!! A great outing for Family Daycare, Sporting Clubs, Mums Groups, Kindy Kids and Primary Schools!!


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