10 Digital Detox Tips For The Holidays

10 Digital Detox Tips For The Holidays

Honestly answer, how many hours a day do you use your phone?

Phones now have that handy little reminder of your phone use, and my god is it a scary thing!!

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and enjoying life…

But if like me, you run your business online via social media. It can mean you literally never switch off and have a “real” break.

Social media can also make this unenjoyable for some people, making constant comparisons about who’s tree looks better, who got what and how everyone is spending their Christmas.

It can be very triggering for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons!!

But let’s get real!!

There is no need to be on social media Christmas day (or any day throughout this time)! Be present in the moment and don’t worry about getting the perfect Instagram shot or sharing gifts.

Just eat the trifle and drink the wine, don’t worry about the mascara smeared under your eye from having a jolly AF time 😉 Can you tell I speak from experience haha

Nothing will happen if you take a few days off!! The world keeps spinning 😉

So I thought I’d create a little challenge for you all. And I will have no effing idea if you did it because NONE OF US WILL BE ONLINE RIGHT???

Now is the perfect time to have a little detox and declutter our digital space ready for the new year.

A few years ago I shared a Digital Declutter blog with some great tips and apps to help you achieve this, which I’ve linked below.

But here are 10 ways to detox and switch off this Christmas…

I have screenshot this in my phone and plan to use it as a reminder on my home screen!


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