10 Frugal Tips To Not Go Broke This Christmas

10 Frugal Tips To Not Go Broke This Christmas

Christmas can be that time of year that just gets people into a complete frenzy and sometimes cause more anxiety and financial stress than it’s worth. We forget what this time is truly supposed to be about and get caught up on the “things” rather than the meaning.

I used to work in a bank and nothing made you see that pressure and stress people put on themselves more.

I thought I’d put together some of my own practical tips on how you can save your self some money and sanity this Christmas. Some might seem simple, but just a little reminder that sometimes it’s not all about what your giving, but the love and heart that goes behind it!

Set A Budget

I feel like people just go insane at Christmas and don’t even think or look at how much they’re spending. Set a budget for your gifts and for what you plan to spend on food and entertaining and stick to it.

If you’re going above, then adjust your purchases. Don’t forget Christmas isn’t JUST about gifts, it’s about family and spending time! Oh and something about Jesus I think?

Homemade Christmas Cards

I know I would rather receive a handwritten card then some generic store bought card! Wear some funny outfits and take a family photo for a giggle or get crafty and let the kind be involved! Blank cards and craft supplies are cheap as chips at places like Big W & Woolies.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Kraft paper! Looks like it’s straight out of a Pinterest photo and ad some cooking string and your a regular artsy fartsy mummy blogger! We have a huge Rosemary bush so add a twig for effect and fuck me you’re just winning at life! And saving dat $$$!

Don’t Buy For Everyone

When I worked in a bank I used to be blown away by the pressure and stress Christmas causes. The list of people some were buying for. Since when does your cousin’s wife’s brothers dog need a gift?

In fact, why does any adult, outside of maybe your partner even need a gift? Buy for the kids! If there’s a tone of grandkids, then Kris Kringle that shit! The money is better spent on the food you’ll eat on the day, trust me!!

Gifts That Keep Giving

This is a big thing for me. Buying things that can be added to, be improved, needs accessories, etc. For example, my husband buys me a lens I want for my camera or a new camera bag. For the kids we are building a deck to their cubby, planting some plants and adding some lights! Something spending a little bit on one gift, means you’ve got gift ideas for years to come!!

Plan 365 Days In Advance

The second Christmas is over then all those pretty decorations and non-perishables are going at a clearance. Snap them up and have everything ready to go for next year at a fraction of the cost!

Second Hand Decorating

If you want to be a bit different and pick up some gorgeous trinkets, then check an op shop!! You can pick up some awesome vintage one-of-a-kind items and nail that Instagram tree photo!! Move over Miss Kyree!!!

Hustle For A Discount

Every time I buy something online, I Google a discount code haha. Or pit the big department stores against one another and do your research. If someones got it on special, ask the next store if they can beat that price!

Make Your Own

We’ve really lost the art of gift giving and it’s become such a consumer nightmare! If you’re tight on budget, then give something else that means a lot more – your thought, time and love!!

Make your own pressies! Better yet, grow your own produce and make some jam, a relish, cuttings for a little plant, a scrub – the ideas are endless!! A quick trip to Woolies and Xmas is sorted!!

Don’t Make It All Your Problem

If your hosting Christmas, then don’t be afraid to give everyone a task/item to bring! If someone is known for their cob load dip, then request that shizzzzz!!

Got an uncle who likes a few too many? Put him in charge of the slab (since he’ll most likely be drinking it all anyway). Is someone allergic to gluten? Cool, you’ve got the Christmas Pudding gig (or get one of the epic pre-made from Woolies). The annoying cousin who decided she’s vegan this year? Sweet, you’re on salads duties!

Oh, by the way, it’s BYO chairs because I’m not buying a bunch of chairs just for one day!!


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