3 Cool Ways To Pimp Your iPhone with iOS14

iOS14 aesthetic

If you are a millennial like me who misses the days of MySpace profile customization, then you are about to have a field day!

For over a decade, iPhone looking identical to everyone else. Sure you could change your background, some folders for your apps, and maybe a funky phone cover. But the operating system and design was always the same – until now!

There are dozens of great new features (and some outright stolen from Android) to make your phone usage easier.

It also allows you to get creative and make your phone experience your own with lots of homepage customisation.

Here are just a few ways you can now change up your iPhone…

Set a Back Tap comand

You can now set a new accessibility feature by tapping the back of your phone.

This feature is extremely versatile and it can be set up for accessibility features as well as basic system actions and custom Shortcuts to a commonly used App.

To turn on the feature and set it up simply follow the following steps:

Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap (On)

You can set up double tap and triple tap. And you can have both activated at once.

I currently have Double Tap set to go Home and Triple tap to take a Screenshot.

Customise Widgets & App Library

This is perfect for anyone OCd like me and had to have their apps all categorised in folders.

Well now you can just remove them all together from the home page screens and use the dedicated App Library.

You can also just keep the ones you use frequestly or replace them with Widgets.

Apple previously made everyones home screens looking identical, unlike Android where you could select custom Widgets.

You can choose between small, medium, and large sizes, and each app can have several different categories of widgets.

To add a Widget, hold down the home screen like you usually would to move around apps and click the + sign in the top left hand corner.

From here, you can search for Widgets. You can even add Stacks, where there is a rotation of several widgets within one block. There are called ‘Smart Stacks’.

If you want to level up your phones look then you can use a third party Widget creator, like WidgetSmith.

WidgetSmith allows you to create a widget with a different aesthetic. Choose your look, font, colours and more.

Once you have created the Widget within the Widgetsmith app, you then need to select ‘Widgetsmith’ from the Widget menu and then select the one you’ve created.

It will then place itself on the home screen and you can move it around the same as you would an app.

It is slightly limited in that it cannot be places stand alone and will auto fit itself depending on the apps or widgets already on the screen.

Personalize with Shortcut App Icons

If you are wanting to change the look of your phone completely and create your own app icons, then this is how.

It is a little complex, with no direct way to create them other than the Shortcuts ap – but here is how:

Open Shortcuts

Press the + in the top right-hand side

Click ‘Add Action’

Type in ‘Open App’

Select ‘Choose’ and select the app you want the shortcut to open

Then press the … in the top right-hand side

Name your shortcut (or leave it blank if you wish)

Select ‘Add to Home Screen’

Tap the icon and select ‘Choose Photo’

Select a photo from your camera roll and resize accordingly

Press ‘Add’ to complete

It is now added to the home page, you can now move it around by holding the screen down till the icons wobble and move around accordingly.


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