7 Essential Kmart Items You Need On Every Holiday (Each Less Than $10)

7 Essential Kmart Items You Need On Every Holiday (Each Less Than $10)

Packing Cubes

These have honestly been life-changing. I started using packing cubes around 2 years ago on our New Zealand Trip.

Because I usually use one extra-large suitcase for myself and the girls, it’s much easier to keep everything sorted and separate with cubes,

I searched around a lot, including eBay and more exxy travel luggage places but in a pinch I ended up with the Kmart ones, always intending to get better ones down the track.

Well, two years on and they’re still going strong. They seem flimsy AF and I never expected them to last. But they did!

There are a few different options but I have the three sized rectangles, only $7.50 a pack. They also come in a few colours – find them here.

Kids Over-Ear Headphones

If you have little ones, these are the best headphones. We have used ours for over 3 years now and they’re so handy, especially on the plane!

They have stood the test of time on many flights, being thrown around and shoved in bags.

Just be careful if plugging into a phone as you may need an adapter for newer iPhones and Android.

Find them here for $10.

Personal First Aid Kit

I don’t think there has been a trip where this has not come in handy. Be it a bandaid for a blister or even just a safety pin for a broken zip.

I just use the same kit and have replenished the items I needed to when I got home.

There are actually a few sizes available at Kmart but I have the 62 pieces, only $10!

Neck Pillow

I actually find these things so annoying and a pain to store. But once you are on a plane, especially with kids, they come in super handy!

Especially on a long haul flight, they can be the difference between swearing off flying ever again and only mildly hating the flight – lol.

I like these ones from Kmart because they have a hook AND clip together, so they can easily be clipped onto bags and handles quickly.

I always just bring it as a ‘just in case; because buying them at the airport always costs a bomb.

You can find different colours here, only $7.50.

Clear Travel Toiletries Bag

I got this one on my most recent trip to the USA as now you must have your carry on liquids in a clear bag for customs.

It also really does make it a lot easier because you can see everything and it’s not lost at the bottom of your bag!

These cute bags are only $8 for the set of three from Kmart.

Stackable Travel Jars

Another lesson I learnt on my USA trip. Put your creams and liquids that are over 100m in small containers so you don’t get it confiscated. It also means it takes up WAY less room in your toiletries bag.

These ones are the bomb. Find them here for $3.

Travel Hairdryer

You won’t be creating any epic blow waves with it, but it’s super handy when you find yourself in the accommodation without a hairdryer.

Not to mention some handy mum hacks.

I’ve used it to dry clothes, get creases out of crinkled clothes squashed in my bag and dry wet shoes from a day in the rain.

This one has a foldable handle and is only $10 from Kmart.

What are your essential items?

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