6 Apps All Busy Mums Need To Download

6 Apps All Busy Mums Need To Download

As you guys know, I’m about all everything tech and automation. So I thought I’d share my top 6 apps for busy mums. These will all help you save time doing all those mundane and boring tasks, so you can spend more time doing what you actually want to do.

It will also help you keep track and be better organised, something all mums need all the help they can get with!

Here are my 6 go-to apps I use almost daily, and why!


So this is by far the best period /ovulation tracking app I’ve used. It’s simple, easy to navigate and gives me the information I need. It also learns over time when you track your periods over time and adjusts accordingly.

I mostly use it mostly these days to work out when not to have sex and if my period will clash with a social event haha

Last Pass

I actually shared this in a blog last year for apps to declutter and organise your digital space. And it’s still one of my most used apps to date!

Basically, it manages all your password, saves them and auto-fills them when needed. It does work better on Android than Apple but I have an iPhone and still find it works well!

It means you no longer have to remember passwords AND can set up auto-generated passwords so you never get hacked!

I use it as an app on my phone and also as a Chrome Extension on my computer so it’s always working!

AusPost App

So if you are anything like me, you have a few (dozen) packages delivered a day. I don’t think a day goes by I don’t have a new book or online shopping order arrive (sorry husband). And let’s be honest, I sometimes forget what is even on the way (so bad I know).

I have a MyPost account and it’s actually bloody brilliant. I can see what’s on its way, from who and when it will likely be delivered. I can see if it needs signing for, or if it will be left in a safe place or know if I need to be home!

I can also track returns and redirect parcels when needed. It means I can limit the time I actually need to spend going to the post office, which when your a parent, is a freaking nightmare!

Centrelink/MyGov/Medicare App

I know! You hate Centrelink, I hate Centrelink, WE ALL HATE CENTRELINK. But what’s worst is calling or having to go into a Centrelink office. AVOID THAT SHIT LIKE THE PLAGUE!

But sadly when you have kids, likely chances are you have to deal with them in some shape or form!

To give them a tiny bit of credit, the app is pretty good! I can do most things like manage payments, childcare and read letters (all mine come digitally). Limiting the contact time you need with them.

You can also upload documents by taking photos of them which is pretty handy.

The separate Medicare app is good to for lodging paperwork for refunds etc.

Pay At Pump Apps

I actually learned about this app after working on a campaign with BP and still use it to this day! Being able to pay for petrol at the pump and not get the kids out of the car is a godsend!

I’m pretty sure that most places have this now, like Caltex. So find one for your usual petrol station or one you live close by to!

Google Drive

Another one I mentioned in my declutter and organise your digital space post.

I use Google for EVERYTHING!! The drive is one of the best ways to manage all your photos and files because then you have access to it 24/7. You save something on your computer and you’ve got it on your phone. Log in to a computer somewhere else? Still, have access to it!

Same goes for photos and backing up your phone so you never lose all your precious photos. I don’t trust iCloud and have lost heaps when transferring between phones or resetting etc.

Google Photo just auto syncs live in the background and all your photos are kept forever. I’ve never ever had an issue!

It also keeps storage clear on your laptop or phone so you don’t get those annoying “disk full” messages and you can folder and organise everything so it’s easy to find! I have files with the kid’s immunisation records, birth certificates and all that jazz, so at any given time I need it I have it on hand. And that seems to be always these days!


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