7 Gins You Need To Try ASAP

7 Different Gins

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

This is my current fav! A good winter gin and perfect with soda water and a slice of orange (Thanks Jay).

This is one you will want to buy on repeat!

Price: $85. Buy it from Dan Murphys here.

Ink Gin

I first had thus one on a Virgin flight to Sydney. It was delicious and took the edge of my fear of flying very nicely.

A great summer Gin and perfect with a stick of Rosemary for the garden.

Price: $82. You can buy on their website here.

Wild Dog Lemon Myrtle Gin

Another great local Gippsland Gin. This one is amazing with soda water and a big slice of orange.

Price: $84.90. You can buy it here from a local supplier.

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin

I think most of my Gin drinking girlfriend recommended this one. I have had the Grapefruit version but I assume this is equally delicious.

My girlfriend’s would never lead me astray when it comes to Gin!

Price: $59.99. Buy it here.

East London Liquor Co. Ltd Batch 2 Gin

The infamous $300 Gin I left in the cab in London. Only to then re-order when back in Aus and have to pay more in Tax then the Gin actually cost me.

100% worth it and would buy again!

Price: $110. Buy it in Australia here.

Gin 10 – Wild & Spicy

It would appear that Victoria make the most amazing Gin since this is another local.

A different twist and perfect with soda or tonic with a citric fruit to garnish!

Price: $98. Buy it on their website here.

Gordon’s Pink Gin

Looking for a nice Gin under $50. This was Brit’s pick and a nice easy to drink Gin that looks pretty 😉

Price: $41.90. You can buy here.

Special Mention…

Loch Distillery G&T Gin – Limited Edition

A new one to my rotation and quite possibly the best Gin I have ever had.

Local to South Gippsland. You must give this one a go!!

Price: $75. But it here direct.


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