9 Actionable Things You Can Do To Help Our Planet NOW!

9 Actionable Things You Can Do To Help Our Planet NOW!

Climate change is a real thing, and we are seeing the long term and lasting effects impact us pretty significantly right now.

It is easy to think that one person cannot make a difference. But collectively, we have a real chance of change and attempting to reverse the impact our day-to-day living has on our earth.

Here are 9 actionable things you can do RIGHT NOW, to start making this change…

Switch To Reusable Products

Not only a great way to save the planet, but also your money! I wrote a blog mid last year during our savings challenge that outlined my top swaps in the last few years and the potential savings to the planet and your back pocket.

Check it out here.

Single-use products have a HUGE impact on our ecosystems and take hundreds if not thousands of years to break down. Making these switches will have a huge impact on reducing our waste output now and well into the future.

What reusable products do you already use?

Grow a Veggie Garden

Another great way to help our planet and save money – WIN WIN!!

Growing your own produce helps you to control food waste by only harvesting what you need.

It also allows you to consume pesticide-free and nutrient-rich because it’s being consumed right away.

It also contributes to supporting and encouraging your local ecosystem through providing food and a home for local pollinators 😉

Do you already have a garden?

Home Automation

I know you might be scratching your head around this one but there is a lot of study around home automation and its contribution to reducing our energy consumption.

We installed a Nest Learning Thermostat last year, as well as Google enabled light switches. This has helped reduce our power bills immensely by only using it when we need to!

The thermostat learns over time when you are home and can be accessed remotely at any time to turn on and off. Same with our light switches. Giving us much better control over our power usage.

It also means I can make sure nothing is left on when we leave the house and not waste any power while saving on our energy bills!

Capture Your Grey Water

A super simple, easy and cost-effective way to water your garden during times of drought.

Simply pop a bucket in your shower or scoop out the bathwater and use this to water your garden or even wash your car!

It is very upsetting to see neighbours and locals not adhering to water restrictions in a time when our most valuable resource is so sparse.

Start the trend and get water savvy! A great one to involve the kids in too!

Or collect water directly from the rain outside!

Invest In Renewable Energy

Be it investigating solar panels on your home or business or simply switching to an energy provider who invests in ‘greener’ energy production practices.

You can check for these via the Canstar website here.

If nothing else, it’s great to do your research into your current provider and their current practices and commitments, and consider changing to someone better if you are not happy!

We have recently started doing our own research into putting solar panels on our home during our renovations, and have proudly had solar on our business roof for some years!

Red Cycle Your Soft Plastics

RED Group is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

With two of our biggest supermarkets onboard, Woolies & Coles, it has become super easy to dispose of your soft plastics easily, so they can be recycled and turned into benches, bollards and other items that can be used in their stores and car parks.

Simply bag up your soft plastics and pop them in the bins (usually found at the front of their stores).

To find out more or check what your soft plastics are, visit Woolies info page here.

Donate Blood

One of the most selfless things you can do, and something anyone eligible should be doing! And best yet, it doesn’t cost a cent!

Blood has many uses, and your donation immediately goes into action to help someone in need and potentially saving someone’s life!

If you are not registered or unsure of your eligibility, visit their website here.

Carbon Offset Your Travel

I’m sure all of us have seen this option when booking air travel. But does anyone ever select it or even know what it means?

For me, a loyal Qantas customer, I’ve done lots of research into what they do through their accredited projects that offset your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our planet.

Some of their projects include the Babinda Reef project, which aims to rebuild wetlands, restore critical habitat and replant endangered rainforest, allowing them to naturally filter water before it reaches the Great Barrier Reef.

The airline has been offsetting its carbon pollution for over a decade now. And from November 2019, every time you tick-the-box to fly carbon-neutral, they match your contributions dollar for dollar.

Check with whatever airline you are flying on their carbon offset options, and what their programs are. This should be a deciding factor in who you choose to spend your money with!

Shop Ethical Brands

Over the past few years, I have become a lot more conscious about where I buy my clothing.

I often get comments about particular brands I buy not being “cheap” when I’m sharing about saving and budgeting. But how much something costs upfront is only part of the equation.

Investing your money in quality clothing, that will last and is sustainably produced is a much smarter investment of your money than a “falls-apart-after-one-wash” top from a fast-fashion retailer.

A lot of my go-to brands are part of the 1% for the planet initiative. That sees these businesses give 1% of profits to bettering our planet, whether they are profitable or not.

Brands like Auguste, Spell & Tigerlily all invest in reducing their production footprint and conscious sourcing.

Websites like The Iconic also have a category for “considered” clothing which is sustainably sourced materials and ethically produced.


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