How To Best Use Your Rewards Points When You’re Not Flying

How To Best Use Your Rewards Points When You’re Not Flying

I know a lot of you are sitting here wondering what value your FF points have to you during isolation when the furthest you can travel is the post box.

Or if you are someone who has a boatload of points and never travelled much anyway, then I thought I could share with you some nifty ways to use them.

You may not know this, but Qantas recently released Points Club. Designed for high points earners who earn on everyday purchases and activities. Whether you’re out for a stroll or paying your energy bills, there are lots of ways to unlock Points Club (more about it and it’s benefits here).

Either-way, there are lots of ways to use your points on the ground as well. And it might be a great way to keep your cash in the bank at the moment but still, get those items you want around the home.

Shopping For Household Items

Being home more means a lot of people might be looking to upgrade items or invest in some entertaiment at home.

The Qantas store is a great place for that with hundreds of items from big retailers on their site.

Cooking more? Maybe a new KitchenAid to jazz up the kitchen?

Or perhaps you can’t get to your local cafe anymore and need a coffee machine to survive the work from home day.

Setting up the home office? Well, Apple products (and other big tech brands) are widely available and you can grab yourself an iMac Display or maybe a Samsung robot vac to save time on cleaning.

Qantas Wine

A good value way to spend points is with Qantas Wine.

Delivered straight to your door. There are always great specials and offers also from local winemakers.

Also a great way to support local small business during these times.

Check out what is available here.

Also, if you earn over a certain amount of points in a membership year then you might be eligible for Points Club, which gives you a complementary Premium Qantas Wine membership.

Gift Cards

Many of you might not know you can cash your points in for giftcards.

You can even get them for subscriptions services like Netflix & Spotify. A great way to offset that cost at the moment.

Or simply convert your points to Woolworths gift cards to offset the cost of increased grocery bills.

Save Them

If you’re in it for the long haul and likely to travel once all this is over. Then I strongly suggest sitting on them.

It is good to note that Qantas has offered a 12-month extension on status tiers and points expiry.


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