Interview with Revie Jane Schulz

Interview with Revie Jane Schulz

She is the crossfitting babe and new mumma taking the world by storm. Inspiring women everywhere with her positive approach to body image and self-love! With her adorable daughter Lexi and spunky husband Clay, Revie Jane ‘s journey is truly inspiring. She’s definitely at the top of my ‘must-follow’ list on Instagram!

She has also been kind enough to take a bit of time from her hectic schedule, between training her babes, TV appearances and nappy changes, to chat to us all things business, body and baby!

So prior to motherhood, you successfully launched your own little fitness empire in ‘Cross Fit Babes’ on the GC, as well as a few other ventures! Could you tell us a little about them and why you started?

When I started my journey in fitness, I found a deep connection between fitness and self-appreciation. I had struggled with depression, anxiety and lack of self-love as a young teen after coming from a broken home. I had always loved sports in school but when I was 18, I found fitness.

It helped me learn to love and respect myself. It wasn’t just the physical appearance aspect that boosted my confidence. But more so the physical capacity my body had within, that made me really respect my body.

Then came the mental toughness in fitness. This helped me learn that by going the extra mile I would be able to achieve anything. Reach my full potential. I started applying to different areas in my life, and in turn, it changed my entire life.

Fitness helped me be the confident, optimistic woman I am today. So, I wanted to create a space for women to learn the same things. To be able to feel empowered by their own capabilities. It was a calling to my purpose and I feel blessed to have found it young.

I started coaching women exclusively when I was 20 years old. I love creating and following my dreams. So when I knew I could connect with women online, I ventured there too.

Revie Jane as a personal brand has helped thousands of women. Every day I get messages from women telling me I’ve helped make their life better.

It is the most rewarding privilege in the world. And I just hope I can continue to inspire and help women realise how amazing we all are. I believe I will continue doing this until I’m taking water aerobics classes in my 90’s (haha!) at the old people’s home.

During your pregnancy, you were heavily ridiculed by some in the media about your training. However, you actually significantly decreased your workouts to fit with you and your pregnancy! What advice would you give another woman about training through pregnancy? And how did you find the right balance?

My first bit of advice to any woman who is thinking about starting a family is to try and start the healthy habits and active lifestyle before you fall pregnant. Simple day to day activities like walking, swimming and functional strength exercises. These will have so many positive effects on you physically and mentally, during and after your pregnancy.

Then, once you fall pregnant and you have your doctor’s approval to exercise, you can modify your movements accordingly. I strongly suggest working with a fitness professional. Figure out what feels comfortable and what feels like it is too strenuous. Finding the right balance can be really tough.

To be honest, some of the time I would walk away from a workout thinking “that was rather easy”. As I was overly cautious to not overdo it. I had to keep reminding myself that completing any bit of a workout was better than none. So as always putting gratitude first helped put things into perspective.

In summary, start fitness now (before you fall pregnant). Work with your doctor and an experienced fitness professional. And listen to your body. I am so thankful I kept active during pregnancy. As I can only imagine how much tougher it would have been to get back into it if I hadn’t.

Being an incredibly fit person before pregnancy, how did you cope with the changes it had on your body during and after birth? What would be your advice to other women perhaps struggling with those changes?

You never know what changes your body is going to go through with pregnancy and childbirth. So for someone who is body conscious and obviously having a job that heavily focuses on my figure, it was at times frightening.

I was open to everyone about the changes my body was going through. Especially to my husband Clay and to my friends. Even then, at times, it felt like nobody understood the sacrifices you’re adjusting to. And to a certain degree, nobody really does. Because your body is one of a kind and you are creating a one of a kind human!

So my best advice is to remind yourself what you are creating. Look at the scans of your baby. Visit a niece or nephew and always speak out to your loved ones. Even though they may not completely get it, it’s better to talk than not.

Our bodies are incredible things and we are so incredibly blessed to carry these miracles. If a few little marks and some weight here and there is what it costs, then so be it.

We are the ones in charge of how it makes us feel, so I am choosing to embrace it all!

So I totes have to admit, I have a total #couplecrush on you and Clay! Can you tell us a little about you guys? How did you meet? How important is having a supporting partner both as an entrepreneur and a mother?

Oh too sweet! My sister dragged me along to a CrossFit class (I was a Body Step Instructor and had never tried CrossFit), I took one look at Clay as we pulled up to the class and said: “WHO is that?!” She and her husband had been trying to set us up for years but things weren’t aligned, then we met.

I was pretty taken straight away and luckily, he was too. I guess you could call it love at first sight, which if you had of told me before I had experienced it I would have laughed and told you that doesn’t exist. But truth be told, there were sparks, it was magic and now I totally believe in love at first sight.

Call me a sucker but I know what I felt! We have supported each other through everything. I think the best thing about our relationship is that we try to have fun and make each other laugh every day.

When we met, Clayton was a tradie and had been for 12 years. I convinced him to go out on his own (which seems to be a habit of mine, I like making people chase their dreams!) while I kept the 9-5 job as a receptionist to support us.

When things took off for him and started to stabilize, that’s when he then supported me and I went on to start training my Babes!

Supporting Each Other

3 years went by and CrossFit Babes is going so well, we both work for our own fitness companies. Tough and challenging at times, there are days where we see each other 5 minutes before bed, totally and utterly exhausted/ grumpy, but we make up for it whenever we can.

We really believe we are a team and being business owners, you MUST be able to face crappy, hard, ‘shitting yourself’ moments. Sure we have had our ups and downs, communication being our biggest downfall at times, but we have come so far and we really couldn’t be any happier since having our little girl.

As the baby daddy of our child, I can’t explain how good Clay has been to me. He is constantly doing whatever he can to make things as easy to adjust to as possible.

I do all the night feeds as he works really long hours but he does all the other little things that make life that much easier for me. The thing that I appreciate the most is that he tells me, he’s proud of me and that I’m doing a good job because that’s really all I want to hear!

We are so lucky to have found each other and I feel gratitude every day that I get to call him ‘mine’.

And last but not least! Can you tell us your take on motherhood so far? What’s been your favourite and least favourite part?

How long can this answer be? Haha! Motherhood. You know what, I really did not expect to love it as much as I do. Although we had planned to start a family, I was scared. I am the youngest in my family (by 7 years) and I didn’t have really any experience with a baby.

So going in, I was blind and afraid of the unknown but I have a lot of love to give and I’m not afraid of hard work. I think having those two qualities are what really helped me be the mum I am today.

Becoming a mum teaches you so much.  Before pregnancy, I was really impatient and pregnancy taught me patience (boy did it ever! 41 + 3 days.) I was always pretty certain that I could control things, that if I put my mind to anything I could do it, childbirth taught me to surrender.

I was always moving so fast and always keeping busy, but motherhood has taught me to be still and present. And if I was ever pooped on back in the day, I would have been mortified, but now, I laugh and send my pregnant friends snapchats of what’s to come. It truly is the greatest human privilege.

Sure, a man has things ‘easier’ but nothing great came out of being easy. Motherhood is effing tough, but that’s what makes it amazing. And geez, I’m only 4 months in! I’m excited for what’s to come.

4 Months In

Lexi is pretty much the best part of a blob at the moment (a very cute blob that smiles and giggles) but she’s got so much life ahead of her and I can’t wait to step up to the challenges ahead and give her my best influence on this life possible. She makes me want to reach my fullest potential and be the best role model I can be.

The least favourite parts? The lack of sleep, the inconsolable cries, the times I wish I could just put my feet up for just 10 minutes at the end of the day but it’s witching hour, the mum guilt when I’m doing something for me or working (oh the guilt!), the constant worry that you aren’t doing the right thing by them.

The favourite parts? All of the other parts! No, seriously, everything about this kid makes my heart so full of love, it feels like it’s going to burst sometimes. I love how she is mine and Clay’s.

I remember thinking at the hospital, ‘do we really get to keep her?’. Oh and that smile when she first spots me walk up to her crib. By far, better than any sunrise, better than any love story, I’ve ever witnessed. Being a mum is truly the greatest privilege this world has to offer.

Thanks again Revie Jane!


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