Kids Breakfast Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Breakfast Birthday Party Ideas

So this year Annabelle asked for a Pyjama Party for her 5th birthday. We decided to have a Sunday morning shindig, so as not to take up the whole day. Where the kids could come straight in their PJ’s and best of all, feast on breakfast foods!!

(You can check out this adorable video of her birthday and party below)

Everything was super easy and low fuss to make, and everything we catered cost well under $100 for over 25 people!

I did an online order in the week from Woolies for all the supplies and had it delivered Saturday night to prep a few things.

I’ve popped a list below with the menu we created and some gorgeous shots of the spread. Apart from the overnight oats, everything was super easy to make and serve on the spot.

Overnight Oats (Makes 8-10)

I used 8 small jam jars I already had and half filled with oats. Then fill to the top of the oats with almond milk (you could use any milk). I then added a splash of maple syrup to sweeten it.

After that, I then topped with fresh fruit to serve on the morning and tied wooden spoons with kitchen string I found at the local dollar store. Super easy and so delicious.

Ham & Cheese Croissants (Makes 16)

We just prepped all of these right before guests came and popped them in the oven for 10 minutes on 200 degrees. Super easy and they went in seconds!

Granola Boats (Makes 20)

These were so quick and easy, I just poured the granola and added a spoon full of yogurt. I used little bamboo boats and wooden spoons I found at a dollar store next to our local Woolies. They were only $2 each.

Pikelet Station (Makes 32)

We knew we wouldn’t have heaps of time to make pancakes and keep up with the demand of the littles so we just bought the premade pikelets – and they were DELICIOUS!! Such a big hit with the kids and we just put out bowls of different toppings so they could make their own!

The Milk Bar (Assorted)

We had an assortment of strawberry & chocolate flavoured milks for the kids. As well as some squeezy snack yogurts and popped this in the drinks tub with ice to serve. The kids absolutely loved it.

We also served mini quiches, which were a huge hit with the adults. As well as Kombucha for the parents not too keen on flavoured milk 😉

For more info about everything we made and to check out the final setup, you can check out this cute little video of Annabelle’s Birthday at the top of the blog post…


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