The Things I Swore I’d Never Do As A Parent

The Things I Swore I’d Never Do As A Parent

So, I have a few confessions to make… I was once upon a time a perfect parent! That is until I actually had kids… The parent I thought I was going to be, those things I swore I’d do/never do – well guess who had the last laugh? Yeah, not me!

Here are the top six things I do almost daily that I swore I’d never do!

Bribe My Children – I always believed you should never reward your kids for doing something they should be doing anyway! But here I am, bribing the crap out of my kids just to eat their dinner or put their shoes on and get in the car!

Have Kids Who Tantrum At The Supermarket – HA HA HA because you thought you had a choice in this matter? And if you think you’ll ever work out the best solution to deal with said tantrum, then you are wrong! Every time it happens you will have a slight panic on the inside.

Let Them Sleep In Our Bed – And we started off so well! Kids had their own rooms from day dot! Now the threenager is a nightly guest around 2 am and I cannot be bothered getting up to put her back! Plus she gives good cuddles 🙂

Have Grotty Faced Kids – Omg there is nothing more gross that the kid with a face of food on their face and stained t-shirt! Oh, wait? That’s my kid! “Why are you dirty? You were clean 5 seconds ago? I just wiped your face, where did you even get food from?” It’s a constant battle you will never win.

Let My Kids Watch Too Much TV – What is too much even? Who said so? Experts Smexperts! Pffft, they’re quiet mate, you don’t fuck with that!

Shout At My Kids – Look I’m not proud, but sometimes it happens! You can only tell someone to not do something so many times that when they repeatedly defy you, you get a little loud! “WHAT DID I JUST SAY?”. I know it’s hypocritical when I spend my day saying “We don’t yell” but it’s not like they’re listening to me anyway!

What’s on your list?


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