True Crime You Need To Binge Right Now

True Crime Novels you should read

As you guys know I am a huge true crime buff and spend my days listening or watching true crime docos and podcasts.

I thought I would share my current top picks and some classic favourites if you’re looking for a new story to follow.

I would also love if you could drop your favourite picks below so we can all find something new to listen too.

Informer 3838

I love me some Aussie true crime drama!

Underbelly has always been one of my favourite Aussie shows. And no one does it like us. Because our budgets are shit but the actors are phenomenal.

Informer 3838 is a carry on from the original series. It also has the original cast back to reprise their roles.

The series focuses on criminal barrister-turned police informer Nicola Gobbo and her involvement in the Melbourne gangland killings.

Watch it here

Available on NineNow and free to air.

The Forgotten West Memphis Three

Another HayU find while searching their True Crime section. I became absolutely hooked.

I love any true crime documentaries that dive into a case and bring it a whole new light.

Having listening to multiple podcasts about this case but getting to see it from a new light was fascinating.

A truly sad and disturbing case.

Watch it here.

Don’t Fuck With Cats

If you haven’t already watched this, then make time TONIGHT!!

This case is truly bizzar and the people involved even weirder!

This case is a Netflix true-crime series. It follows internet sleuths who attempted to track down Luka Magnotta. In 2010 after he reportedly shared a graphic video killing cats.

Watch it here.


This is my absolute favourte to listen to. I hang for new episodes weekly and love the mix of local and international cases.

Plus the guys voice is really creepy and it is just a whole vibe.

One of the most recent I listened to was about the Black Saturday fires lit in our local town of Morwell.

Before that was a three-decade-old cold case from London.

There are heaps of variety and the stories are written in great detail.

Listen here.

Hunting Warhead

I binged this one to and from the USA recently. It was one of those cringe but cannot help but listening ones.

It’s about the the international teams that tracked and caught the peple behind one of the biggest child abuse websites oin the dark web.

A truely spine tingling listen for any parent, but one I think we can all benefit from listening too.

Listen Here.

Abducted In Plain Sight

Another Netflix special, it is the story of former Everwood star Jan Broberg.

It tells the tale of Broberg’s two different abductions by a neighbour, the neighbour’s sway over her family a – REALLY EFFED UP STUFF!

Watch it here.


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