5 Reusable Products To Save Money & Save The Planet

5 Reusable Products To Save Money & Save The Planet

When we think about saving money, we don’t always think about the little lifestyle changes we can make to make a big impact on our pockets AND our planet!

It might seem like nothing, but little by little these things add up and over weeks, months and even years you could be saving thousands of dollars and creating a world we want our children to inherit.

Below I’ve popped the 5 top reusable items I myself have invested in. Some of which can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

ModiBodi Underwear

I’ve never been a huge fan of tampons, for both personal and environmental reasons. Most of my adult life, I have used pads, but I’ve always had to use the super duper maxi one which are like nappies and not a comfortable or pretty look.

I remember hearing about these and thinking “Ewww gross”. I went down the road of the moon cup, and let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. So I finally caved and got myself a pair, that was 2 years ago now and I haven’t looked back.

They’re amazing! Is really all I can say. I have heavy periods, and I have never leaked or had an issue with Modibodi underwear.

I have around 10 pairs and I just wash and dry them and go on my merry way. I can only imagine how much I’ve saved in $ and also reduced waste.

For all the ladies out there, if you are looking to invest in a renewable item you will see big returns from, then this is my suggestion.

They also have 12% cashback via Shopback on their website as a little hot tip. Shop Here.

My Modibodi campaign in 2018, still loving them and saving thousands 😉

Metal Straws

We didn’t go through straws that much at home. And usually my kids just threw them around and they ended up in the bin anyway (terrible I know).

Did you know? Plastic straws are one of the most common items found as rubbish on our beaches! An item we use for only a minute or two, but has a negative impact on our environment for longer than our lifetime!

Metal straws are widely available online, but I have the Straw and Boo.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Just like plastic straws, disposable coffee cups are absolutely awful for our environment.

By using a reusable cup you not only reduce the unnecessary waste but you save money as well.

Most cafes offer a discount on your coffee for bringing your own cup. It is also an encouragement you to make your coffee at home instead of buying it and spending over $5 a day!

I found great Smash branded glass coffee cups for sale in Aldi this week, just $8.

We also invested in a cafe style coffee machine around 5 years ago! It came with a free grinder in the offer and we source our own beans from Aldi (Dark Roast are the best) and they’re $11. We go through a bag of beans a month.

If you calculate the 2 coffees per day (around $4.50 each at our local) both my husband and myself drink, it would look something like this over those 5 years.

$18 (per day) x 365 = $6,570 A YEAR!!!!

Our machine cost us just under $800 at the time (they’re even cheaper now) so you do the maths on that one 😉

Failing that, just switch to tea – LOL

Sparkling Water Maker

We are big mineral water drinkers. We were buying around 10 bottles a week which is around $8 in our shop plus all the plastic waste. A no brainer really!

The obvious one here is SodaStream but I noticed the other day there was also SodaKing in Aldi 😉

Shop around for sales or cashback offers, as there is always one to be found.

Makeup Removal Pads

I didn’t actually know these were a thing till I got them in a PR package from Enjo once. And even then it took me ages to start using them.

But I am so glad I did and these are now all that I use rather than disposable makeup pads.

There are lots of brands on the market, as mentioned I use Enjo but a quick Google search will find you cheaper ones.


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