My Favourite Labels To Match With Your Mini

My Favourite Labels To Match With Your Mini

So as you guys know I’m obsessed with dressing the girls matching (lucky they love it). But even better when I get to match with them!! if you ask me there is not enough of it around, when will brands work out this is what us mamas want!! Okay, maybe not all but I will drop phat stacks just to twin with my minis.

So I’ve made it a little easier for you guys and put together my top 5 brands to match with your minis!!

From Zion

Not just matchy, but also the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear!! I was once at LAX and bumped into another mama in the lounge also wearing her From Zion drop crotch leggings!

All the styles comes in matching prints so it’s super easy to also twin away with you babes!

How adorable is Eleesha and her minis!! Check out their site here.

Infamous Swimwear

A dedicated mama and mini swimwear label. Infamous Swimwear have absolutely gorgeous cuts and prints for both big and little.

My current fav is the Not So Mumsy x Infamous Swimwear collab print!! Hot Tip: The off the shoulder is actually NOT annoying like you’d expect!!

You can check all their prints here.

Unreal Fur

I mean who doesn’t love a fax fur jacket? Then to have a mini version for your little love is just a cherry in my Whiskey Sour!

And I know what your thinking, “my kid will fuck that shit up quicker than a toddler who’s heard a chip packet open”. But I’ve had mine for two years now and neither girls have wreaked them!! Plus they’re also vegan friendly!!

Shop their range here.

Little Auguste

Auguste is one of my absolute favourite labels. Ebony has created a wonderful brand that is not just ethically made, but has the mission of creating a better world at it’s core through their fabrics and factories, even their packaging and the charities they support.

So it’s no surprise their little label is one of my all time favourite brands to match with your mini. How adorable is Marcia and daughter, Poppy in their matching prints, shop them here.


Home of the monogram tee. Branche tees are made of the most gorgeous cotton and so fit so well. They have heaps of matching designs, not just the letters. How cute is Miss Kyree and Sass in their stripped monogram tees.


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