Zero Waste Pantry Challenge

Zero Waste Pantry Challenge

This is a sponsored collaboration with Woolworths

I’ve always done my own version of a ‘pantry challenge’ at various times in our lives.

Often when we are about to go on holidays, before big events like Christmas and Easter, or when I really want to save a few $$$ or save up for something.

I know everyone’s circumstances or reasons might be different. So I created this challenge with two potential goals…

Do your entire shopping for under $50 (for the hardcore) or at least save $50 on their average weekly shop.

Ultimately, this challenge is whatever you want/need it to be!

While this challenge is designed to save you a bit of money in a week, it is also designed to help set you up to better plan and save money ongoing, through changing habits and better organisation.

My motivation for this time, of course, was of course to reduce waste! My big goal for 2020 was to reduce waste in as many areas in my life as I could.

And I wanted to jump into this challenge with the mindset to be more mindful of how I consume and shop.

It will help you to be mindful of food waste, encouraging you to try new and different foods and consider cultivating your own fruits, herbs and vegetables.

This challenge can, of course, be done at any time. With the full guide in your hand, it will give you a step by step guide to doing this challenge.

However, I will be running this myself through IG stories and on my social accounts, where you can find this in real-time, or via my highlights reel after the fact.

I will also be running threads in my FB Budgeting & Savings Group that you can join here.

The guide includes each step in details:

  • Introduction
  • Step One: Take Inventory of Your Pantry
  • Step Two: Create A Meal Plan From What You Have
  • Step Three: Write Your Shopping List
  • Step Four: Follow-Up & Make Changes
  • Meal Ideas
  • Organising Your Pantry
  • Automate Your Weekly Shop

It also includes FREE printables to assist in your journey:

  • Pantry Inventory Checklist
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Weekly Meal Planner

You can also use these for your own personal use moving forward.

To download your copy of the challenge, click the link below.

And make sure you join our group and watch stories to follow along for more handy hints and tips!

Good luck!


This is a sponsored collaboration with Woolworths

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