10 Minute Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

10 Minute Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

This blog post is a sponsored collaboration with Woolworths.

Valentine’s Day is always a big one in our house. We celebrate our anniversary around the same time and like to make something special of it. Especially since having the girls, we love to celebrate love <3

But after 15 years (that is half my lifetime) we like to keep it simple. Love isn’t about spending loads of money. But rather spending quality time together, and we all know the way to the heart is via the stomach 😉

This year the girls and I put together a cute and easy dessert board so we can enjoy a date night at home together as a family.

We spent less than $50 at Woolies and put together the cutest dessert board in less than 10 minutes.

I’ve popped my top tips for pulling together the perfect platter in a flash. As well as my exact shopping list so you can easily pop into your local Woolies and pick it up. They also have a range of boxed chocolates now half price that you can give as an easy gift.

Tip One: Get Your Board Ready

I would suggest investing in a good board to have on hand to throw together platters. These are my go-to for any occasions from parties, get-togethers and birthdays. If you don’t have one, then use a chopping board you already have, or any metal trays work fine.

We’ve even made our own from leftover timber we had. I would recommend using a covering of some kind between food and timber if it isn’t treated

If you’re putting together a large board for lots of people, then try using different levels with stands or bowls etc to create an epic board.

Tip Two: Start With Large Items First

When putting my boards together I start with the big items and work my way to smaller ones. Work out where you want these items and work your way to the smaller things to fill in around it.

The tiniest items like M&M’s, nuts or blueberries are great for filler in the gaps at the end.

How adorable are the V Day cupcakes from the bakery at Woolies?!
Found these pink macaroons in the fridge over in Bakery!

Tip Three: Get Creative & Think Outside The Box

I always try and think outside the box a little and give any platter our own touch. For this we grabbed some watermelon and created our own watermelon hearts with a cookie cutter we already had on hand.

In the past, we made fairy bread in the shape of stars the same way for a kids lunch board!!

Using things you already have on hand and repurposing them is a great way to add something a little extra to your board.

We also grabbed an adorable neon light from Woolworths, that the girls can use in their room after.

Use things you already have around the house to create something unique for your board.
Got this Mirabelle sign from Woolies also, which can also be reused in the girls bedrooms!

Tip Four: Mix Up Your Display

I always throw things together and find different ways to display items. Some I just literally throw on and leave how they are. While others I might line up, stack neatly or create a pattern.

It’s a great way to give your board some character and not worry too much about presentation. It will all get eaten in the end anyway!!

Create lines and frame the board
Stack things on top to create depth

Tip Five: Remember There Are No Set Rules

With any board, I like to keep a good mix. Whether desserts, meats or cheeses. I like to at least have some fresh items on the board to balance it out.

It doesn’t have to have set things, it can have whatever you want and like.

I also wouldn’t stress too much on how it looks, because if I’m honest, I don’t think I’ve ever made an ugly platter or board.

You don’t have to spend a boatload, just set your budget and work to it accordingly. There are always some great own brand selections at Woolworths, that taste just amazing as they look.

I’ve popped my Valentine’s Day dessert board shopping list below to make your life a lot easier.

Shopping List

And if you’re looking for an epic grazing platter on a budget to complement your dessert board, check out my How To Make An Insta-Worthy Grazing Platter For Just $50 post, again with detailed shopping list here.

Ted was so proud of her efforts <3 Defs made with LOVE!!!


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