Tips For Surviving Long-Haul Flights & Beating Jetlag

Tips For Surviving Long-Haul Flights & Beating Jetlag

One common question I often get asked about with travel is tips for long haul flying and how to beat jetlag.

In recent years, we have travelled overseas a lot. And quite often it is for work. So jumping off a plane and being able to function is a necessity for me.

I have slowly tried and tested different ways that work for me and our family to recover from long trips.

These are my top suggestions for surviving your next big trip!

Time Your Flights Right

When I’m booking international travel, I always look at the flight times. When I leave versus when I arrive. I then work out the best time to fly for me to adjust to their time zone.

Night flights are always better with kids I find. But I am not great at sleeping on a plane (more on this below). Sometimes I consider breaking up the flights with a stopover.

Just depends where I am going and if the kids are with me or not.

Be Strategic About Your Seats

Picking the best seat is a big deal if you’re looking to sleep. If you can upgrade to business, then you are sorted. If not, here are my tips.

Avoid seats anywhere near the galley or toilets. These are always busy walk through areas and noisy.

If you’re flying on a big A380, try and get an economy seat on the top deck. It is a lot quieter as there are only 5-6 rows. there’s also the opportunity to get extra legroom seats up there.

In saying that, I also consider the type of aircraft I am flying. Some routes have both A380 and Dreamliners flying the route.

I much prefer the new Dreamliner as it’s quieter and the windows automatically correct for the light which is designed to aid in preventing jetlag.

Don’t Drink Coffee Or Alcohol

As much as I love a little pre-flight champagne or mid-flight gin. I try to stay away from alcohol and coffee when I can.

Especially if I travel for work. I find it messes with my ability to beat the jetlag.

Coffee always makes me anxious, more anxious than I already am. Usually leading to no sleep. Again no good for beating jetlag!

Take Melatonin

I always travel with Melatonin. I then try and adjust my sleep to be on the destinations timezone and get some rest if I am arriving in the morning or during the day.

You can purchase melatonin through iHerb.

Look After Your Health

I find just looking after your health, in general, is important when you fly a lot.

I try and keep hydrated when flying and always travel with Hydrolyte or equivalent.

I also take Armaforce to help me keep my immune system up as airports and planes are a great place to catch something you don’t want.

Magnesium is also another great supplement to take as it helps with any muscle soreness you might get from sitting for long periods and helps aid sleep.

Use The Airport Lounge

The lounge is your best friend before flying and during stop-overs. Being able to have a shower, reset and refresh yourself will make a world of difference on any long haul flights.

If your stop is long it also gives you a chance to sit/sleep and be comfortable.

I have Qantas Club access which allows me access to their lounges around the world, as well as partnered lounges, where permitted in other destinations.

You can check out membership offers here.

Don’t Nap

One key thing for me in beating jetlag is not napping on the day I arrive at my destination. I always try and stay up until my normal bedtime.

I find once I nap then it is all over and readjusting to the new time zones becomes a few days effort. Wasting valuable time in your destination.


Another great tip I have found always helps me is getting my body moving and even taking an exercise class or heading to the gym once I arrive somewhere.

It sounds like the last thing you want to do but honestly getting your body moving will help you outlast the day and beat any tiredness so you can get on the right timezone.

I hope these tips have been helpful, and if you have any of your own tips you’d like to share or any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


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