10 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health During Isolation

10 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health During Isolation

Keep A Routine

In the first few weeks of quarantine, I have to admit we were all over the shop. Sleeping in, late nights and no structure to the day. It was kind of a free for all.

The novelty wore off very soon and I found myself lacking motivation and feeling really tired.

We’ve tried to implement the best possible amount of routine as we can. Getting up at the same time every day, set times for online learning and getting out for a walk at least once a day.

Make Your Bed

This has always been something I do at the start of the day. For some reason, I cannot start my day without making the beds.

It just makes me feel like I’m starting my day off right. And it looks good!

Open Up The House

Especially when the weather is nice, there is nothing better than letting light and fresh air into the house.

Plus it lets air in and gets rid of stale air and smells (and germs).

Limit Social Media & News Intake

I have found this time especially overwhelming with the overload of information. Especially in the early days when it was all such an unknown, I had to limit my time online.

I would also suggest making sure anything you do read is from credible sources and not just ‘disaster-porn’ designed to ignite fear.

Make Time For Yourself

While it might seem like you have all the time in the world now. Stuck at home and unable to go anywhere.

Especially if you have young kids, you’re likely busier than ever.

Trying to look after kids, constantly clean, cook and keep the house in order while everyone is home and bored is no easy feat.

Make sure you carve out some time for yourself. Go for a walk or arrange a few hours your partner can look after the kids.

There are also some great resources around mindfulness, meditating and mental health available.

I use an app called Calm as well as follow a few people and groups. I highly recommend 5 Minutes of Mine by Cat Sanz.

Stay In Touch

Making sure you stay in contact with friends and family. Check-in on people, even those who you think are fine.

Everyone is impacted in some way, everyone handles things differently.

This is not like anything we have ever experienced and it’s important to stay in connected, stay positive and look after one another.

Listen To Music

I’ve also found a little boogie can completely change my mood in an instant!

The girls and I love to open up the house and blast music and dance around. I even created my own Iso Dance Party Playlist!

My go-to when I’m not feeling it is to open up the house, blast my favourite tunes and clean – LOL!

Keep Moving

It’s been a huge change, not having my daily routine of the gym every morning.

I found getting up and getting my body moving really helped my mind. And then, BOOM. Nothing.

It has been hard. And I’ve had to make sure I still carve out the time to move my body. Even if it’s a walk around the block.

I find it a lot harder to be motivated to do it myself, rather than with trainers in a gym. That’s just what worked for me.

Jezz and I both have struggled without it so we’ve also purchased equipment to use in our garage. Desperate times – LOL.

Some great places for a variety of online home workouts:

  • F45
  • Rise Pilates
  • Centr Fit
  • 28 By Sam Wood
  • FluidForm Pilates
  • Tiff XO

Declutter & Organise

A key contributor to my anxiety is mess and disorganisation. I always try and start my day with clean surfaces and everything put away where it belongs.

Even more so now, since we can’t escape our homes and the clutter. I have been going through all cupboards and draws and making sure they are organised and cleaned out.

Getting rid of clutter and making sure everything has a place. So there isn’t that random crap pile or dozens of one item just clogging up space!

We’ve also been ticking lots of jobs off the DIY to-do list. Actually starting and completing a job is so satisfying!

Be Kind To Yourself

There is lots of chatter around all these great and grand things we can do while in isolation.

But let’s be honest, it’s a seriously scary and unknown time. 


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