6 Things To Do At Home This Easter

6 Things To Do At Home This Easter

There’s no hiding the fact that Easter this year is going to be a bit different! So many of us typically spend Easter weekend with family and friends, or use the long weekend to getaway… not this year #FUsocialdistancing

Since we’ll all be at home this long weekend, I thought I’d put together some ideas to still make it feel like Easter and keep the family occupied!

Make Easter Hats

This is a tradition! The girls always love making their Easter Hats. If you can’t get many materials are your supermarket, find some old hats around the house, pull out the craft supplies and Easter decorations and see what they come up with!

A gorgeous example is Mrs Boew using her old Spring Racing boater for her girls to decorate!

Leave Carrots & A Letter To the Easter Bunny

Get the kids to write letters and leave out a carrot each for the Easter bunny. This will give them something to do over the weekend, and something to look forward to when they wake up and see it all gone!

At Home Egg Hunt

Because you can’t NOT do an egg hunt at Easter!

Hey, why not do 4 – every day of the long weekend!? There are no rules after all and we’re all looking for things to do.

Get creative hiding chocolate eggs around the house, and in the backyard. Make a point of doing something creative and fun.

This is a one-off but it can still be an Easter to remember.

Get Crafty

Get on Pinterest and go wild.

There are SO many cute and fun Easter-themed crafts to keep the kids entertained for the days leading up to Easter and over the weekend.

Make some decorations and let them put them up around the house to make things feel more Easter-y.

Do Some Easter Baking

In our house, we always love coming up with cute treats to make in the kitchen for Easter weekend!

Try this epic Easter cake by Tara Dixon, there is an easy tutorial video on her Instagram for you to follow along.

You can also check out my recipes for Easter Bunny Ice Creams 3 Ways, Easy Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding and 5 Minute Easy Easter Bunny Pancakes!

Family Easter Dinner Video Chat

Just because we can’t see our friends and family doesn’t mean we can’t do Easter dinner!

It’ll just be virtual this year haha.

Try to get everyone organised to have dinner together over Skype/Facetime/HouseParty/Zoom or whatever other video chat service you prefer. 

You can even pull out some charades or other games after dinner and it’ll feel like a typical family get together!


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