15 Ways To Have A No Spend Weekend

15 Ways To Have A No Spend Weekend

If you’re looking to cut back on spending, struggling to make it to the end of the month or simply wanting to change your spending habits a bit, then this is a great way to get you started.

We are currently in the process of some major renovations, and looking to pinch the pennies where we can to save on our weekly spend.

And when you really stop and think about all the free things that you can do in and around your home or local area, there really is plenty to fill your time without having to be anti-social hermits!

I’ve put together a few ideas below to kick start a little challenge.

Whether it be a weekend, week or even a month! Minus all your living costs and expenses (we can cover those in the Saving’s Challenge here) it’s a great way to change your spending habits, as it can be so easy to be convinced you need to have and do all these things you could very well be doing for FREE!

Here are a few I’m going to be doing over the next few weekends!

Get Outdoors

One of the easiest ways to spend no money yet get out of the house? Go enjoy the great outdoors!

Think hiking, local National Parks, beaches (if you’re lucky enough to live close!), even just the playground – and what kid doesn’t LOVE going to the playground?

Hiking the Grampians is such a beautiful experience, and FREE!

Community Events

Going to community events doesn’t have to mean spending money. Check out your local farmer’s markets while sipping on a coffee from home.

Or maybe even carnivals and festivals that have free live entertainment! A great way to find these is by joining community pages and council pages on FB.

At-Home Spa Day

Because what female doesn’t love a spa day. Whether she’s four or forty, I don’t know a girl who doesn’t love to pamper themselves once in a while.

Look up some easy to make at home face masks and get out your nail polish collection for some mani/pedis. You could even go as far as doing a foot soak first in the bath for the ultimate pamper sesh – make a day of it!


If you have nothing on the calendar, this is the best way to make use of a full weekend and not spend any more! In fact, you might make a bit.

Declutter the house, or focus on one room that’s in need of some love. Sell unused items to make some extra money. You can even do a bit of a room rearrange to give things a new feel without spending any money!

Make sure you check out my FREE Declutter printable here to get you on the right track!

As well as my Guide to Selling on Facebook Marketplace here.

Nothing more satisfying than organising that wardrobe

Play A Sport 

Dust off the old tennis rackets in the garage and spend the afternoon at your local courts, or see if any friends need a sub-in for their weekly rec-league!

Head To The Library

Most local libraries host some pretty awesome events. Our local West Gippsland Libraries free services are for the community. Their membership is free so if you want to save money they offer Movies, Audiobooks, Books, Internet, The Age, Story Time and Baby Rhyme Time and Book Clubs (and yes, wine cheese and a saucy book are part of this club of course!)

They also run some great free programs, for example they have one coming up on Financial literacy (helping people to learn to budget, investing, understanding pays and how to save etc).

Heaps of great free opportunities!

Make Your Own Takeaway Food

If you’re itching for some takeaway come Friday night and are trying to stick to no spending, make up some homemade takeaway aka fakeaway food.

Homemade fried rice uses up so many pantry staples and tastes just about as good as the real deal!

Do a Wardrobe Swap

Rather than going shopping, call some girlfriends to come around and do a big wardrobe swap. Surely they’ve got some clothes they’re sick of and vice versa.

A great way to refresh your wardrobe without spending a penny and reducing waste at the same time.

Have A Games Night

Invite your friends over, get out the popcorn and have a games night!

Get them to bring any board games they have so you’ll have hours of games to go through and might even play some new ones.

Have a Baking Afternoon

To help use up all those bananas and dry ingredients in your pantry, get creative and spend the afternoon baking up a storm.

The kids always love this one too!

To-Do List Challange

Tick things off the old to-do list around the house – touch up that wall with paint you’ve been meaning to forever!

This one will be so satisfying, make sure you enjoy those big ticks off the list.

Give that list a HUGE tick!!

Go For A Walk

Go for a walk with a friend instead of happy hour – saves money and probably the healthier option!

A brisk walk is a perfect time to catch up and get fit while doing it!


Pack up your lunches and snacks, and take it to the park! Nothing beats a good old summer picnic.

Even in your own backyard, being connected to nature and being outside can be just what the doctor ordered.

Scavenger Hunt for the Kids

Make it walkable/around your neighbourhood, and get creative! Best way to spend a sunny Saturday!

Final stop can be a picnic in the park! There are plenty of great ideas on Pinterest.

Or download an app called Geocaching – your mind will be blown!

Go Camping

If you already have a tent and the essentials you need. Even if you just set your tent up in the backyard, simple and easy!

With no costs to get anywhere. There are dozens of free campsites all over the country as well.

A quick google will help you find plenty in your area!


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