How to Save BIG On Your Next Online Purchase

How to Save BIG On Your Next Online Purchase

The number of online purchases is sky rocking at the moment. So I thought I would share with you some great ways to make the most out of your online shopping.

You can use multiple of these apps, systems and procedures to earn rewards points, save money and get the best bang for your buck.

Even if it is only a few dollars here or there, make sure you’ve set yourself up to make it as easy as possible to make your next online order more valuable than just what you’re buying…

Use a Cashback System

You guys know I love Shopback & Cash Rewards (I go with whoever has the most offered). It’s the easiest way to get money back for your every day regular purchases.

Everything from Woolworths to Amazon to the Iconic and so. much. more.

I use this every time I shop for my day-to-day groceries, which alone is a huge saving!

And there’s honestly no catch – just head through their website every time you go to make a purchase and you’ll get a certain % back in your bank account.

Or, even easier. Add the Chrome extension to your browser and activate on the top right each time you visit the website.

Find them both here with a $5 sign up bonus. ShopBack / Cash Rewards

Join Rewards Programs

There are some really great reward programs out there: Everyday Rewards, Cotton On, FlyBuys, Expedia, Woolworths Rewards, Hoyts and many more of your favourite retailers and brands…

I use an app called WhatsMine to keep them all stored. And as this app already has all its supported programs you can go see which ones you are not signed up to!

Find the app here.

Qantas Points Prompter

Very similar to a lot of the cashback program, but it rewards you with Qantas Points. There is a Chrome Extension that will prompt you to sign in to get points on that purchase if they’re offered.

Please note this usually cancels our any cashback offers like ShopBack and Cashrewards.

Download the points prompter here.

Use a Rewards Credit Card

If you’re already spending money on your card, you may as well be getting rewards for it, right?

You don’t even need to have a “credit” card either. There are debit cards that run these programs, usually just at a lower earning.

I have a credit card with American Express, as my primary rewards program is Qantas. This is by far the quickest way to earn.

There is currently a sign-up bonus offer of 100,000 points here.

Add To Cart And Leave It In There

So many businesses are using Facebook ads/email marketing these days which are designed solely to get back in front of you after you abandon their cart – often offering a cheeky 10% off if you come back.

Try doing this on purpose – put something in your cart, and see if you are presented with a targeted discount code later that day.

Look For Discount Codes.

I use a plugin called Honey. It’s a 100% free service that finds you all the coupon codes you’ll ever need for websites you already shop on!

Last resort – do a quick Google search for coupons/discounts, may come up unlucky but worth a shot.

Download Honey here.

Use Referral Codes For Extra $$$

You can find referral discount codes for just about anything these days through bloggers, etc. 

I’ve got a bunch and have popped them all here.

Amazon Prime Shipping

Start with a free trial, then $6.99 per month. It charges a small fee monthly but it ends up saving us so much in the long run on shipping. And even on the everyday petrol you’d use going to the shops!

Rather than popping out to the shops for every small thing, we just place an order and it arrives 2 days later. We’ve saved heaps on some regular items by buying off Amazon Prime.

Sign up to Prime here.

Check Your Bank’s Offers

Some banks have some amazing rewards and offer for their customers that you’ll find in your mobile banking app – like $20 back on a $99 shop at The Iconic, not bad – just shop with that bank card and it’ll end up automatically back in your account!

Movie tickets, etc. These change regularly so keep an eye on them, because you may find deals for places you already shop!

Google your bank’s offers to find out more!

Time Your Purchase

Lots of stores are tending to do sales mid-week, rather than the weekend these days.

If you can, hold off on that purchase until Monday or Tuesday as that’s prime time to start a sale after the weekend.

If you wait a little while to purchase something, check sales, offers and catalogues, you’re bound to find it cheaper at some point.

Subscribe To Newsletters

Most retailers with email newsletters include some type of discount when you subscribe.

Get that code, use it, then unsubscribe so you aren’t tempted to keep shopping!!

Always unsubscribe so you can do it again down the track 😉


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