5 Must Do Things In Thailand For Families

5 Must Do Things In Thailand For Families

So recently you might have seen that we took a little trip over to Thailand with the family. Since then I have had a lot of questions about the trip, and what we’d recommend on a trip to Thailand for families.

I will admit that I was a little bit apprehensive before we left, as it was a 9-hour flight and our girls are only 1 and 3. But surprisingly both flights were pretty easy and our airline, Thai Airways were so helpful and accommodating flying with children.

I have also only ever been to Phuket, so I was very intrigued to visit parts of Thailand we had never seen or experienced before. We collaborated with the Thailand Tourism Authority on this trip as a part of their new Family Fun Thailand app. I feel very fortunate to have had our itinerary created by those ‘in the know’ on what is good for families and children.

We had a jam-packed few days, but I can honestly say it was so worth it. The kids went really well and loved every second of it – and not just because the locals absolutely adored them and gave them so much attention. Thai people are well known for their kindness and generosity particularly where children are involved.

We were lucky enough to visit both Bangkok and Hua Hin, a gorgeous region about 3 hours south of Bangkok. Both were great for families and below I’ve got our top five picks on what to do in Thailand for families and children.

Vana Nava Water Jungle Hua Hin

Look, to be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a water park and a toddler. But in saying that, we’ve been to a lot of water parks and this is by far a cut above the rest. It had a great variety of rides for all ages and provides hours of fun.

They also have a super cool wristband system that means you don’t have to carry any cash around and it can even be linked to your account when you stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hua Hin as we did. This is a very clever way to make the day carefree.

You can visit their website here.

For Art’s Sake 4D Art Museum in Hua Hin

I had never actually heard about or seen anything like this before! It is an art museum with interactive exhibits designed to stimulate the senses & explore perspectives.

It’s also perfect for kids because there isn’t actually anything they can touch and break, it’s all just painted on the walls.

Annabelle absolutely loved it and we spent hours there taking photos at all the installations!

You can visit their website here.

Dinosaur Planet in Bangkok

Well if you’re a huge Jurassic Park fan like myself, you will absolutely love this… oh and of course the kids 😉

It really was like going back in time to walk with dinosaurs, with realistic and life-sized models that move all the way through the entrance of the park.

There are also plenty of fun and interactive things to do for the kids, including the sky wheel, a laboratory and sandpit to dig for bones.

You can visit their website here.

SeaLife Bangkok

So I will be the first to admit that I thought this was just going to be like every other aquarium we’ve been to. But honestly, this was by far way better than any I’ve ever been to. It was a really colourful and kid-friendly setup and both the girls really loved it.

They had a ‘Living Art’ installation designed on the colours and shapes of marine life (see below) which kept the girls entertained for ages.

This one is a must if you find yourself in Bangkok.

You can visit their website here.

Siam Park City Amusement Park

Like walking into the 1980’s, the Siam Park City amusement park has the coolest retro vibe. It has everything you could dream of, including the world’s largest artificial sea and one of the world’s largest suspended looping roller coasters.

They also have a gorgeous old style double-decker merry-go-round which both girls loved. Not to mention a huge water park we couldn’t drag Annabelle out of.

Siam Park is absolutely another must see if you are ever in Bangkok. Perfect for a whole day with the kids.

You can visit their website here.

It’s crazy to think that we fit all of this in, and more, in just 4 and a half days! The whole family had an absolute ball. We are already planning our next trip back as there was so much more we wanted to see and do. Safe to say, there is plenty to do in Thailand for families.

We also got to stay at some fabulous hotels and eat and some really great restaurants! All really great for families too.


Siam@Siam Design Hotel

Siam Royale @ Show DC

Hua Hin

Intercontinental Hua Hin

Living Room Bistro & Wine Bar

Air Space Hua Hin

If you’ve been, I’d love to hear what you recommend on a trip to Thailand for families!


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