6 Tips For Back To School That Won’t Break The Bank + FREE CHECKLIST

6 Tips For Back To School That Won’t Break The Bank + FREE CHECKLIST

The thought of 6-7 weeks off school seems like the longest time, but before you know it the school term is upon us and it always gets you by surprise.

To make it a little easier and less painful on the wallet, I’m sharing my top tips as well as a handy little checklist for the lead up to that first day.

Check what you already have

It’s easy to think you need all new stuff, but the best place to start is by checking what your child already has and crossing down the list.

You’ll be surprised at how much you already have, and not everything has to be brand spanking new 😉

Second-Hand Uniform

If your school has a compulsory uniform especially it can get SUPER exxy!! Check the uniform store, second hand and marketplace groups on Facebook, ask parents with older kids, local thrift stores!

Because Ted is so small, so many of her classmates are happy to pass on the uniform. Poor kid doesn’t have a new item – but kids don’t care 😉

Buy quality that will last!

This is key for those big-ticket items like shoes! You want to buy a pair that will last the year, perhaps buy a pair with a little wiggle room for growth. I always buy real leather and make sure they have good solid soles.

I also got the girls properly fitted and checked out with that cool system at Athletes Foot. Just means they’re getting the right shoes that will last them the whole year.

Annabelle’s ASICS lasted her all of Prep and are still going strong (bought them a little big).

Label the shit out of everything

Kids lose shit, all the time! And it adds ups! Label everything, from pencils to shoes (you’d be shocked how many times she comes home with one shoe).

We got the girl’s bags embroidered to make it even easier. You can do this with a uniform as well. Great for expensive jackets and blazers.

There are also FREE name stickers you can order via Woolworths.

Do your back to school shop without your kids!

You don’t have to tell me twice! But if you’re planning a big shopping trip, it’s best to do sans children, maybe after hours! So you can focus on your list, check out prices and offers and not be rushed! This way you get the best deals!

Shop around

Have a look at all the catalogues coming in, pop items in your weekly supermarket shop when they pop up on sale. Mix it up between in-store and online and compare pricing!!

Look for retailers who stock a good variety of brands and have special offers or bundles like Woolies, Big W and Officeworks.

Have you got everything?

To make it super easy, I have created a free printable checklist. You can tick it off as you go or screenshot to your phone for easy reference.


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